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History in the making- Time capsule buried on our new school site

This afternoon, Tuesday 17th July 2018, the pupils at Bishop Chavasse School made history when they visited the site of their new school building, and buried a time capsule with special contents celebrating our schools current achievements.


As the time capsule was prepared ready for the burial on site, the children recorded their memories from their founding year and their achievements.  As well as including these memories from the children, it also contained:

A photograph of our founding children,

A USB stick containing photographic memories from the past year,

One of our founder's ties,

A picture of The Bishop of Chavasse

Our first monitoring visit report

and hard copy of section C, a copy of the original bid and the vision submitted for Bishop Chavasse School.


Children, staff and Galliford builders alike recognised what a momentous occasion it was, one which marked a such a memorable part of the school's history.