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Breakfast Club, Enrichment and After School Clubs


Bishop Chavasse Primary School provides excellent pastoral care and enrichment opportunities. These range from opportunities to enhance thinking skills within a variety of contexts to additional ‘keeping up’ opportunities in mathematics and English. As the school grows with each new cohort, we will develop the range and number of clubs and activities on offer.


We are thrilled to be able to provide full wrap around care during the school term. This provision is for children from Year R upwards. Currently we have 88% of our pupils attending at least one or more provision each week. Therefore due to this popularity, we offer places on a first come, first served basis. 



Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs from 7:30am to 8:45am every day. Breakfast club is provided by school staff and food is provided by Nourish. All children must be on site by 7.40am


The children enjoy a healthy breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit and milk or water.


Bishop Chavasse School is committed to ensuring that all children enjoy a healthy breakfast. Providing children with a good start to the day helps children focus on their learning and aids their concentration during morning lessons.


During this session the children enjoy spending a social time together, playing games, drawing and talking with their friends.


The cost of attending breakfast club is £3.75. 


Children may attend breakfast club every day, a range of days or just one day a week. This is booked termly, via the SchoolsBuddy app.


Breakfast club is available from the first day of the school year for all pupils, including reception pupils.


Enrichment Clubs 3:15pm – 4:30pm


At Bishop Chavasse, as well as providing the children with a high quality curriculum and fantastic teaching, we know it is also important for the children to have the opportunity to take part in additional activities at different times of the school day and school year to enrich their lives further. Our aim is to provide a variety of experiences which they can enjoy and most importantly continue to equip them with the skills they need for their future.


Enrichment Sessions are allocated after parental request for submission through the SchoolsBuddy system. Parents need to sign their child up for the full terms enrichment for that club, in order that pupils gain the most from these sessions. If your child misses any of the enrichment sessions parents will still be charged for the full terms sessions.


We also offer full wrap around care for all children, including Year R pupils, from the first day of term. 


All children will be dismissed from after school enrichment clubs to the playground at 4:30pm. 


Individual enrichment clubs are subject to change at the end of the term if there are an insufficient number of pupils attending. The cost for chargeable clubs is £5.25.

After School Club 4:30pm - 6pm


Afterschool club is run daily and is run by members of the school staff. You child may attend between 4.30pm - 6pm where they will receive a high tea meal consisting of a sandwich, piece of fruit, yogurt and biscuit plus a drink of water. We encourage healthy eating during after school club and fresh water and milk is always available as part of our high tea.


The children will then have the opportunity to play with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere, taking part in a range of activities from arts & crafts, Lego, Knex, puzzles, DVD Nights, Group Games, Outdoor Play, Dolls, Cars, Role Play, Board Games, Football, scooters, and use of outside play equipment. We take part in lots of activities. We enjoy playing with our friends or spending time in a quiet area with cosy cushions if we want to chill out.


The cost of attending 4.30pm to 6pm is £3 per session which covers the cost of the high tea and the longer session.