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Weekly News

Week 5: 2nd-6th October 2023


In Maths, the children have been looking at number lines to 100. We have placing tens on the number lines and estimating where other numbers would be based on these. We have been learning the mathematical word; intervals!


In English, we wrote character descriptions of a character of our choice from The Storm Whale. We used adjectives and conjunctions to describe their appearance and personality. We then began researching blue whales and writing notes, we will be using our notes to write a fact file. 


In Science, we looked at food chains. We learnt what a producer, consumer and predator are and created our own food chains in class. We also looked at Lloyd our mantis and discussed what the producer and consumer are in his food chain! 

Week 3: 18th-22nd September 2023


In Maths, we have been continuing to focus on place value looking at tens and ones. The children have also been learning to write numbers to 100 in words with the correct spellings. 


In English, we have continued to read The Storm Whale. We have imagined what Noi would play whilst his dad is out at work, and written a set of instructions for the game, focussing on our use of imperative verbs. We have also imagined what the storm might have been like and expressed our ideas through art and dance, and written our own descriptive storm poems. 


In Science, we drew different habitats and discussed which animals would live in each one. We used magazines to cut out animals and stick them onto the appropriate habitats. 


In art, we have started a project on Andy Goldsworthy, who creates sculptures out of natural materials and is an environmentalist. We will be creating our own sculptures in the next few weeks, so we would be really grateful if children could bring in some natural materials to use such as: bright coloured leaves, sticks, pine cones, acorns, pebbles, rocks, flowers etc. 

Week 2: 11th-15th September 2023


In English, we have begun looking at our new class text, which is a secret from the children! We have used our imagination to create artwork depicting the setting of the story and have described it with adjectives. We have also been inferring characters thoughts and feelings through role plays and writing thought bubbles.


In Maths, we have continued to focus on place value by using manipulatives to make numbers using tens and ones. 


In Geography we have looked at coastlines in the UK. We have described and located them on a map. We have also started to think about the features of a coastline.


In Music, we introduced our key questions which is 'How does music help us make friends?' We listened to different music and did a quiz! We also got to march along to find the pulse and clapped and sung songs.

Week 1: 4-8th September 2023


This week has been a busy and exciting start to year 2! The children have settled well into new routines and have become familiar with new members of staff. 


We had a fantastic day on Wednesday to introduce our new topic 'By the Seaside'. The children enjoyed sitting on their beach towels in the classroom whilst listening to stories, playing traditional beach games, flying kites, creating beach art and learning about different shells and rocks whilst exploring the rockpool.


In Maths, the children have been recapping numbers to 20 and have been using tens frames and counters to represent these numbers. They have been writing numbers to 20 in numerals and words, it would be great if children could practise spelling their numbers to 20!


In English, the children have written a recount of their holidays as well as postcards reflecting on the wonderful beach day we had.


We have spent a lot of time discussing how we are going to ensure our classrooms are a safe and happy environment and also how we keep our bodies healthy and keep motivated.


As mentioned in the year 2 Parent Expectations meeting, the children will be assessed in phonics next week and have their reading books sent home following this to ensure they are all given the correct levels.