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Transition to secondary school

Transfer to Secondary school is something families begin to think about at the start of year 5. Here in Kent, we are blessed to have a large variety of secondary schools in our local area; each one offering a very different secondary journey to the other, but with one that will be most suited for each individual child.


Kent Test

In Kent, we have a number of selective schools at secondary level. These are the grammar schools.


What is the Kent Test?

The Kent Test (sometimes known as the 11+) is the assessment taken by your child if you are planning to apply for a place at Grammar school for their secondary education.

Application to sit the test is done by parents, via the Kent Test page of the KCC website.

Registration usually opens at the very beginning of June and closes one month later. It is imperative parents check the Kent Test page on the Kent County Council website for clarification of exact dates for registration and results each year: Kent Test - Kent County Council.


Children who are entered will sit the test in their primary school in the September of Year 6. If you are applying for a grammar school that is out of your area, your child may have to sit a test out of school hours or at a different test centre.

If you would like advice or support about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hood or the class teacher.


How is the Kent Test Structured?

The Kent Test consists of different tests.


English and Maths - each test lasts one hour. The test comprises a five-minute practise exercise followed by a 25-minute test.


Reasoning Test - this lasts 1 hour, including a practise exercise. It comprises a verbal reasoning section and a non-verbal reasoning section.


These three tests are multiple-choice where children mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. An automated marking machine marks these. 


Writing exercise - pupils have 40 minutes for this task, including a 10-minute planning time. This is not marked but may be used by a local headteacher panel as part of the headteacher assessment stage of the process.


How do we prepare our children for the Kent Test?

As a school, we are bound by legislation from the local authority and therefore not permitted to provided any form of tutoring or training for the Kent Test. We are however able to offer advice regarding the test and a professional opinion, based on your child’s performance in school throughout the year, as to whether your child may meet the required standard to pass. Our conversation with parents can only be taken as a guide and is not definitive. The final decision as to whether a pupil sits the Kent Test is parental choice.


Applying for a Secondary School Place

The same application process takes place for all children, regardless of whether you would like your child to attend a selective school or not.


Applications usually open at the end of October and a set deadline is given. In the Spring Term of year 5, we will invite parents to a Secondary School information evening to provide further details about applying for schools, and will have the timeline for that year to share with you. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Open Events

All the local secondary schools host a number of Open Events during the school day and in the evenings. We encourage you to take your children to visit the schools in our local area.

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