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History Curriculum Statement  

Bishop Chavasse Church of England Primary School  


Our School Vision:  

Bishop Chavasse Church of England School Policies are all underpinned by respect and our school parable 'The Wise and the Foolish Builder', which forms the basis of our whole school vision, highlighting the importance of wisdom, compassion and honesty.  


Bishop Chavasse School values every wonderfully and uniquely created child and adult; inspiring everyone to fulfil their potential, as we achieve excellence together. As Jesus teaches through the parable of the house on the rock: we grow in wisdom, supported by the compassion of God to establish firm, honest foundations on which every child can build.   

Opening Statement 

At Bishop Chavasse Primary School, our vision for the History curriculum is to cultivate inquisitive minds, ignite a passion for learning about the past, and equip our students with a deep understanding of historical events, unlocking the intricate tapestry of time. From Key Stage 1 (KS1) to Key Stage 2 (KS2), our students embark on a journey that transcends chronological boundaries, exploring diverse cultures, momentous events, and the interconnections that have shaped the world we live in today. A curriculum inspired by the richness of the Opening Worlds Curriculum by Steve Mastin; our approach is designed to foster a lifelong appreciation for history.  



At Bishop Chavasse Primary School our intent is to provide an outstanding History curriculum that instils a sense of curiosity, understanding, and appreciation of the past in our pupils. We aim to develop their historical knowledge, skills, enabling them to become critical thinkers and active participants in democratic society. Our intention is to foster a lifelong love for History, preparing our pupils for their future studies and equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in KS3.  


Curriculum Design and Sequencing 

Our history curriculum inspired by the richness of the Opening Worlds Curriculum by Steve Mastin is designed to be engaging, coherent, and ambitious. To promote a deep understanding of History, we have carefully sequenced topics, ensuring a clear progression of concepts, themes, and chronology. The curriculum strikes a balance between local, national, and global history, connecting pupils to their immediate surroundings while also broadening their horizons. 


High-Quality Teaching and Learning 

Our teachers follow the planning of Steve Mastin's opening world’s curriculum where lessons are carefully planned, with explicit learning objectives, sequenced, and have opportunities for all pupils to succeed. We encourage active participation through discussions, debates, primary source analysis, and hands-on experiences such as visits to historical locations or workshops in school with Historical experts. 


Historical Skills Development 

To enhance pupils' historical skills, we provide regular opportunities for them to develop their ability to question, evaluate evidence, analyse sources, and construct coherent arguments. Using a range of primary and secondary sources, such as artefacts, photographs, and written accounts, pupils learn to interpret historical evidence critically and develop an understanding of cause and consequence. 


Cross-Curricular Links 

We believe in the power of cross-curricular links to deepen pupils' understanding and make learning purposeful. We actively seek connections with other subjects, particularly English, Geography, Art, and Religious Education, to reinforce historical knowledge and skills. This approach encourages pupils to make connections between different disciplines, promoting holistic learning and higher-order thinking skills. 


Progress and Attainment 

Through our outstanding History curriculum, our pupils develop historical knowledge, understanding, and skills. Regular formative and summative assessments enable us to measure their progress accurately. We monitor their attainment, ensuring that all pupils are suitably challenged and supported to reach their full potential. 


Pupil Engagement and Love for History 

The enthusiasm, engagement, and love for History exhibited by our pupils are clear indicators of the impact of our curriculum. Pupils actively participate in lessons, ask thoughtful questions, and show a genuine interest in the subject. They are keen to undertake independent historical research, demonstrating a thirst for knowledge and a deepening understanding of the past. 


Historical Thinking and Analytical Skills 

Our focus on developing historical skills equips our pupils with the ability to think critically, evaluate sources, and construct well-rounded arguments. They successfully apply these skills within History and across other subjects, demonstrating their ability to analyse complex information, form reasoned judgments, and engage in respectful debate. 


Cultural Awareness and Global Citizenship 

Our inclusive curriculum promotes cultural awareness, fostering an understanding and respect for diverse cultures and beliefs. Pupils show empathy and appreciation for diverse perspectives, valuing the contributions of individuals and communities from various backgrounds. Their increased cultural awareness prepares them to become responsible global citizens who can navigate an interconnected world confidently. 

Concluding statement 

Our history curriculum at Bishop Chavasse demonstrates an intent to develop pupils' historical knowledge, skills, and cultural awareness. By embracing Steve Mastins opening Worlds Curriculum and adhering to the 2014 National Curriculum for England UK, we aspire to create a learning environment where history becomes a captivating and transformative force, shaping the minds and hearts of our students for years to come. Through its implementation, we provide high-quality teaching and learning experiences, fostering pupil engagement, and a love for History.