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Our Church School

History of our school name.

Bishop Chavasse Church of England primary School is named after a former Bishop of Rochester and one of the founding members of Bennett Memorial School in Tunbridge Wells.

Christopher Chavasse was born in 1884 in Oxford.  He was a keen athlete and competed in the 1908 summer Olympics in London. He later served as a chaplain in the British Army during world War 1. Christopher Chavasse was nominated to become Bishop of Rochester in March 1940 and was consecrated April of the same year.  He remained as the Bishop of Rochester until 1960.  During this time alongside Lady Bennett he founded Bennett Memorial School where his memory is held in high regard and his name is used as one of the house names for the school.

Bennett memorial is the leading school within Tenax Trust and being a Church of England School, it was decided to name our school after a former Bishop of Rochester who held education in such high regard.

Although we only opened in September 2017, from the outset, Christian values have been at the heart of all we do and our Christian ethos is very strong.  This can be seen explicitly in the teaching and learning across the curriculum and in the authentic Christian worship and ethos of the school. Our foundation is built on the following Christian values which permeate every aspect of life at the school.


Every child at Bishop Chavasse, is recognised as uniquely created by God, and as staff we seek to nurture each child so that they develop in every area of their lives, from their own starting points. Our aim is that through an exciting curriculum and opportunities for enrichment, children have raised aspirations for all that they can achieve. 


We have strong links with St. Stephen's Church and are proud of the excellent relationship we have with them. We make visits to the church throughout the year for whole school celebrations and class learning and members of the church staff regularly come into school and work with our children and staff.


As a Church of England school we will receive SIAMS inspections.  The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of Bishop Chavasse School as a church school.


Towards this objective, inspectors seek answers to four key questions.

  • How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?
  • What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?
  • How effective is the Religious Education? (in VA schools and academies)
  • How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a church school?


As a new school, we are continually developing how we demonstrate our distinctive Christian character and have been pleased that visitors to our school have referred to how this permeates in all that we do.