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Our Vision and Values


As a Church of England school, through God’s love and wisdom, our school community strives to provide an outstanding education for all of our children and families. Our Christian ethos encompasses understanding and sensitivity towards those of Christian faith, other faiths or none. Throughout their time with us, each child is provided with opportunities to make a positive contribution both locally and globally.


As a new Church of England school in the south of Tonbridge, we believe that Bishop Chavasse C.E. Primary School is a truly unique and special place where the Christian message is both celebrated and lived out in our day-to-day interactions with one another. Every child at Bishop Chavasse, is recognised as being uniquely created by God.  We continually strive to provide an environment which inspires our children to fulfill their potential, building upon their own unique starting points, celebrating their individual achievements both within and outside the school community


Our mission as a Church of England primary school, deeply rooted in Christian values, is to develop confident children with inquiring minds, a spirit of curiosity and creativity, respect for themselves and others, so that they have the skills, resilience and adaptability to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 


Bishop Chavasse Primary School is founded on a strong Christian character and ethos and supported by the Tenax Schools Trust we provide an outstanding education to all our children through our committed belief in the value of a Church of England education.


This year, in addition to focusing on a different Christian Value each half term, we have worked with all stakeholders to agree on our core Christian values. Following these discussions with children, staff, governors, and parents it was decided that our core Christian values are:


Perseverance - always giving our best, even when challenged


Compassion - caring for others both within our school, local and global community


Honesty - integrity, being honest with oneself as well as others


Forgiveness - providing opportunities for fresh starts in order that we too may be reconcilers and peacemakers