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EYFS news 18.04.2024

We leaped into Term 5 with boundless excitement as we embarked on our thrilling new adventure, "Into the Woods.’ We began the week by exploring the beloved story Owl Babies. In a dimly lit classroom, the children explored the feelings of Percy, Bill, and Sarah when they were left alone in the nest. We engaged in discussions with our "talking triangles," to eagerly predicted the adventures awaiting the characters.





Exploring various art techniques, our students delved into imaginative activities inspired by our class story, Owl Babies. With charcoal, they crafted mysterious forest scenes, discovering how smudging the medium created an eerie, atmospheric effect. Additionally, they embarked on crafting their own adorable baby owl portraits, using fluffy cotton wool to add depth and texture.




In mathematics we have been learning all about 3D shapes and what is the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D shape. We then begun to learn all about the properties of 3D shapes in particular focusing on flat faces, vertices and sides.           


 This week, we introduced Guided Reading in the afternoons. The children enjoyed rotating around the different phonics activities and doing reading in groups focusing on comprehension. They all did amazing reading and practiced their comprehension skills by answering questions linked to what they have just read.


This term, we are beginning the journey of transition into Year 1! The children are now spending their lunchtime play on the Key Stage 1 playground with Years 1 and 2. This gives them the opportunities to spend time with other children and become familiar with the new playground. 


EYFS News 28.03.2024


What a jam-packed week we had filled with exciting Easter activities. From delicious treats to creative learning, we really enjoyed participating in a range of Easter-themed activities listed below.


Chocolate Cornflake Cakes: Our young chefs had a delightful time making chocolate cornflake cakes. They enjoyed getting their hands messy and creating delicious treats to enjoy.


Easter Egg Phonics Activities: Phonics came alive with our Easter egg phonics activities. Children engaged in reading words and matching them to corresponding pictures, enhancing their literacy skills.


Easter Egg Number Bonds to 10: Math became fun and interactive with our Easter egg number bonds to 10 activity. We had a brilliant time solving math problems while exploring the Easter theme.


Recreation of the Easter Story: Our students delved into the spirit of Easter by recreating the Easter story. Through creative activities and storytelling, they learned about the significance of this special holiday.


The EYFS Team were thrilled to see our students actively participating and enjoying these Easter-themed activities.

Wishing you all a joyful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 15th April.

EYFS News 22.03.2024


It has been a wonderfully creative week here in Early Years as we continued our exciting journey through our space topic. Our young explorers have been busy unleashing their imaginations and engaging in a variety of hands-on activities that have truly brought the wonders of the cosmos to life!

In our creative exploring sessions, we had a blast creating our very own moon rocks using salt dough. With paintbrushes in hand and a touch of glitter, we transformed salt dough into sparkling celestial treasures.

Each moon rock was carefully crafted to include the all-important craters, just like those found on the real moon. It was fantastic to see their enthusiasm and attention to detail shine through in their work.


But the creativity didn't stop there! Our budding astronauts also embarked on a rocket-building adventure, honing their fine motor skills as they cut out 2D shapes and pieced together their very own rockets. The classroom was abuzz with excitement as they launched their imaginations into orbit.

In maths, our focus turned to the exploration of number composition, with a special emphasis on the number 9. Through engaging activities and interactive problem solving we delved deeper into the concept of number relationships, laying a solid foundation for future mathematical understanding.


Venturing into the great outdoors, our students embraced their inner birds during a tweety session in outdoor learning. They discovered the intricacies of nest-building, learned about the needs of baby birds, and even took turns being fed pretend worms by their "mummy" or "daddy" bird. It was a delightful blend of learning and play as they explored the wonders of nature first-hand.


EYFS News 15/3/24

This week the children have enjoyed celebrating ‘Science Week’. The focus this year is Time which has been linking to all areas of our learning.

Our maths learning has been looking at how we can use time to measure. The children had lots of fun estimating how many jumps they could do in 1 minute. They counted along and Squirrels managed to do 60 jumps in 60 seconds. This led into remembering and ordering the days of the week and being able to talk about events that happen in order.


In Outdoor Learning, the children begun their Spring planting project with Mrs Kyte. They had the choice of different herbs to plant; chives, mint, basil and dill. They worked with Mrs Kyte to write the name of the herb on the stick and everyone is really excited to watch the herbs grow!                                                                                                                             



The children also enjoyed measure using time to see how long it takes for water to travel from one pot to another. They were amazed seeing the colourful water travel up the paper towel and move water.



The children had lots of fun continuing their learning on Alice in Wonderland. They worked hard writing independent sentences on a character from the story. We have also introduced the challenge of writing labels for models that they make in exploring time and wish to keep. They need to write a label saying what they have made so that everyone can see their wonderful creation! 




EYFS Newsletter 08/03/2024


What an extraordinary Book Week 2024 we've had at Bishop Chavasse. The halls have been buzzing with excitement, creativity, and literary magic. Let's dive into the thrilling adventures we shared:

Monday: Wonderland Extravaganza The week kicked off with a spectacular balloon arch, transforming our school into Wonderland! Teachers, donned as iconic Alice in Wonderland characters, delighted students and handed out invitations to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.


And yes, you guessed it – Monday afternoon was a whimsical tea party filled with laughter and delights.


Tuesday: Outdoor Learning Extravaganza Nature became our classroom on Tuesday. We immersed ourselves in a fantastic outdoor learning lesson, singing campfire songs and creating rhymes inspired by beloved stories.

Another highlight? A visit from a talented poet who not only read but rapped and sang his enchanting poems, leaving the pupils in awe.

Wednesday: Bedtime Stories Extravaganza Bedtime stories took a magical turn as Mrs. Hood and Mr. Lucas shared two enchanting tales. The children were captivated by the adventures of Chimp and Zee, and Mr. Lucas' mouse voice was an absolute delight. Maths took center stage as students explored stories, creating repeating patterns inspired by 'Beep Beep Vroom Vroom.'

Thursday: Character Parade Extravaganza The school was transformed into a vibrant tapestry of characters on Thursday as our students donned thoughtful, amazing and creative costumes. Our Collective Worship began with Badgers reciting "The Owl and the Pussy Cat," and Squirrels charmingly reciting "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Forest School adventures continued, leading us on explorations guided by treasure maps to discover the beauty of different flowers.

The day concluded with heart warming moments of reading stories with siblings and parents.

Friday: Book Swap and Reading Safari A Book Swap Shop on Friday had us exchanging literary treasures. To wrap up our fantastic week, we embarked on a Reading Safari, sharing books with our Year 5 buddies in various locations around the school.


What a week filled with laughter, creativity, and a shared love for literature! A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to making Book Week 2024 a resounding success.

Have a great weekend!

From The EYFS Team

EYFS News 1.3.24

It’s been a fantastic week in Early Years, where the children begun the week looking at the important things astronauts need to take with them to space! The children created their own science experiment on what type of food would be the best to take. We are checking daily to see if any have started to go moldy!


The children were amazed when they stepped inside the world of Space when we had our special visit from a planetarium. We flew to space and saw what it would be like to land on the moon. They found the star patterns fascinating and asked lots of questions. We were even able to hold real space rocks and pieces that have come from volcanoes from around the world.  We are really excited to continue learning all about the wonders of Space this term.




In maths, we continued our learning about doubling through creative activities such as dabber paint butterflies. We enjoyed learning the song ‘Mr Double Trouble’ which helps us recall our doubles to 6. We have also been challenging ourselves with our counting and learning to combine groups of two together. Some children were even writing number sentences independently!

Here's the link to the song if your child would like to sing the song at home- Mr Double Trouble (Rehearsal Version) ( 





EYFS News 23.02.2024


It's been an absolute delight to welcome our pupils back, witnessing their smiling faces lighting up the school once again after our half term break.

This week, our classrooms underwent a magical transformation into rockets and the International Space Station, sparking immense excitement among the children.

The immersive space theme has ignited their curiosity and creativity across various subjects.


In mathematics, we delved into the realm of pairs, odd and even numbers, and doubles. Using Numicon, the children explored the concepts of odd and even numbers, making math come alive with hands-on activities using numicon.





In writing, we harnessed the power of phonetic knowledge as the students sounded out words to vividly describe what they would take on a rocket ship. This exercise not only honed their literacy skills but also fuelled their imaginative thinking.


We had a lovely day on Tuesday in outdoor learning where we got to go on a sound walk. We wore blindfolds and focused on what we could here. Then in the afternoon we went on a spring hunt to see what signs of spring we could find.

Creativity soared in our art sessions as we embraced the world of Kadinsky circles, allowing the children to express themselves through vibrant and abstract designs.


EYFS News  09.02.2024


‘Brace’ yourself as we’ve had a very ful-‘filling’ week in early years! We began the week where we had the pleasure of welcoming a special visitor – the dentist! The session unfolded with smiles, learning, and a deeper understanding of the importance of dental care.


What a fantastic lesson we had in outdoor learning this week. We learnt all about wind speed using the Beaufort Scale! The children engaged in hands-on activities, deciding that the wind was at a moderate gale. Then we crafted leaf kites, demonstrating creativity and understanding of wind forces.


Mrs. Kyte even hung a hammock, providing a relaxing experience for all.

Developing our fine motor skills took a practical turn as we used toothbrushes to remove plaque from laminated teeth outlines. This hands-on approach not only enhanced the children motor skills but also reinforced the importance of dental hygiene making sure the teeth were sparklingly clean.


In mathematics we explored the composition of numbers 6, 7, and 8. In particular focussing was on understanding what other numbers can be joined together to create the numbers 6, 7 and 8. The children enjoyed using giant numicon to represent these compositions.

In English we are continuing to build on independent writing and using our phonetic knowledge to write wrote letters to the dentist. We expressed gratitude for their visit and also sharing our own tooth-brushing habits.


In our RHSE sessions, we delved into the importance of setting and achieving goals. The children learned valuable lessons about resilience and perseverance—essential qualities for navigating challenges and reaching their aspirations.




End of term reminders and thank yous:

Make sure you have paid on arbor for our  Space visit.


EYFS Gate Drop Off- If you need to speak to your child’s class teacher, please approach the teacher available at the gate. As of Term 4, we are requesting that all parents drop off their children at the EYFS gate and do not accompany them to their class door.


Finally we want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our visitors who came to the school. We have had a fantastic time, and the children have gained so much knowledge, creating lifelong memories.

EYFS News 02.02.2024


What another fantastic week we have had in Early years. Where the week concluded on a high note with an inspiring visit from the Tonbridge fire brigade, providing both excitement and valuable insights for our students into the jobs of the fire brigade. The children learnt that smoke detectors should be checked every week. We also learnt how to stop fire spreading on our clothing – stop, drop and roll. Furthermore, we all now know the number to call if we find a fire and to shout ‘fire, fire’ if we need help.

This week’s outdoor learning lesson on Tuesday proved to be a splendid day dedicated to fire safety, where our students not only learned valuable lessons on fire prevention but also actively participated in engaging activities. The day's adventure didn't end there!


To celebrate their newfound knowledge of fire and what fire needs, the children then enjoyed a delightful popcorn treat. Laughter echoed in the crisp air as they watched in amazement at the popcorn popping and then savoured their popcorn, creating a joyful moment to remember.


This week in mathematics, we shifted our focus from weight and mass to the intricate exploration of capacity. Engaging activities enabled the children to illustrate concepts of full, half-full, and empty by

filling containers with different liquids. Their sharpened measurement skills were showcased as they used spoons to measure how many spoonsful it would take to fill different containers.

We continued with our fire theme this week, especially in English, where the students composed and wrote sentences all about fire, adorning them with adjectives to vividly describe the mesmerizing qualities of fire.





EYFS News 26.01.2024


Our week kicked off with a burst of excitement as we welcomed the friendly postman and his trusty van into our school.  The children's eyes lit up with curiosity as they explored the magic of mail delivery. The visit also sparked their imaginations about the incredible journey of letters and parcels. They have become fascinated about the journey letters take after they are posted in the letter box.











In maths our excited mathematicians have been hard at work consolidating their understanding of the composition of numbers 4 and 5. Building on this, we transitioned into measuring weight and mass. Our students are now experts in using terms like 'light,' 'lightest,' 'heavy,' and 'heaviest.



In our writing sessions, we have been busy crafting postcards to send to our family members. We expressed our thoughts and feelings through heartfelt messages to family members. It has been brilliant to see them developing their writing skills. Some of them even made it into the gold book this week.

We have also been practicing our independent reading where we had the challenge of matching pictures to captions. We have been focusing on scanning words for digraphs to help when we sound out words.


EYFS News 19.01.2024


Another thrilling week unfolded in Early Years as we delved deeper into our exploration of "People Who Help Us." This week, the spotlight shone brightly on the admirable work of our local police force.

Our week commenced with an exciting police siren, setting the tone for the engaging activities that followed. On Tuesday, we had the privilege of hosting three police officers from Tonbridge police station. The officers brilliantly shared insights into their roles, how they assist our community, and the significance of the equipment they carry.

A highlight for the children was the chance to step into a real police car. Their faces lit up as they sat in the front seat, experiencing the thrill of turning on and off the sirens and lights.


Later in the week, during our outdoor learning lesson, the children embraced the change of season by exploring the outdoor environment. We introduced new vocabulary such as buds, shoots, seeds, and trunk, enhancing their understanding of the natural world.



Early Years has enthusiastically embraced winter's chill this week, embarking on a frosty adventure. From feeling freezing ice to crafting icy masterpieces, each moment has transformed into a lesson in curiosity and discovery. Transforming into little scientists, they defrosted ice cubes, unveiling hidden mysteries and showcasing their inquisitive nature. Amidst these frosty escapades, they explored grass blanketed in frost, adding another layer of sensory exploration to their chilly adventures.



Next week we will continue on our journey of discovery, as we look forward to more exciting surprise adventures and learning experiences.

Paramedic Visit 2024 Photos

EYFS News 12-01-24


This week in Early Years, we delved into the world of "People Who Help Us" with a special spotlight on our community heroes – the paramedics. We were thrilled to host Mrs. Nicholls and her team of three other amazing paramedics on Wednesday, giving the children an up-close look at how these real-life superheroes assist us in times of need. The day included a hands-on demonstration, featuring a big thank you to Mr. Fenton for his excellent participation as the "patient" with a back injury.



 The children not only got to witness the paramedics in action but also enjoyed a peek inside a real ambulance, making the day filled with excitement and learning. A heartfelt thank you to the Tunbridge Wells paramedics for an engaging and informative session. Stay tuned for next week and perhaps a few surprises along the way!



For more photos please have a look at the slideshow made with all the amazing photos captured from the morning!



In mathematics this week, we have been focusing on numbers 0-5. We began the week by exploring what zero means. Following this exploration, we represented numbers 0-5 using any objects found in the classroom. The week concluded with an investigation into "one more" and "one less," emphasizing the use of 5 and tens frames to help the children visualize what happens when we add one more or one less.


In PE, we have kicked off our new topic, 'dance.' The children started by learning the moves to "head, shoulders, knees, and toes," focusing on their spatial awareness with respect to themselves and others. They thought carefully about the actions they might want to incorporate into their dance routines.






EYFS News 5-01-24

This week the children have come back into school fantastically, eager and full of energy after the Christmas Break. The children enjoyed sharing their Holiday news with each other, talking about what they did with their families during the Christmas break and also what Santa brought them! This discussion led into their termly Holiday news writing. They all completed some brilliant writing using their phonics knowledge to support them write a simple sentence.





This term, we introduced ‘Rainbow Learning’. This is the opportunity for children to choose their learning following their own interests and ideas, alongside our exploring time activities. The children have started to remember some of the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ which support the children when they play.

Some examples of fantastic Rainbow Learning this week-







Our topic this term is ‘People Who Help Us’. We are looking at a range of occupations that help everyone in our community. This week, the children met 3 people in our school that help us, Mrs Hood, Mrs Abdullah and Mrs Cherry. The children had the opportunity to ask them all questions about their job and what they do at school. Each week, the children will be visited by special visitors that will be able to speak to them about their job and how they help others!

EYFS NEWS 15.12.2024


It has been a wonderfully joyous week here in Early Years, and we can't wait to share our news.


Firstly a huge round of applause and a shower of glitter to our incredible Early Years stars for their fantastic nativity performance! The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our young performers were truly commendable. The atmosphere was charged with pride, and not a dry eye was to be found in the house.



The children's efforts shone brightly as they sang their hearts out and flawlessly remembered all their lines, turning the performance into a magical and memorable event for everyone. Thank you to all who came to watch and for your continued support.



In preparation for our upcoming church service on Friday, Early Years teamed up with their Year 5 buddies to practice our festive songs. The collaboration between the little ones and their Year 5 buddies was heartening to witness. The joy of singing, laughter, and the bond between our students was truly heart-warming.


Also this week we are pleased to report the success of our Christmas dinner. The festive feast was well-received, providing a delightful opportunity for the children to enjoy a special meal together alongside their buddies. Thank you the kitchen staff for their efforts in making this occasion a culinary triumph. Adding an extra layer of festive joy, the pantomime proved to be a delightful experience for both students and staff alike. Laughter echoed through the halls, and the spirited atmosphere created a memorable occasion for all involved.


We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredibly thoughtful and generous gifts and cards that we have been given. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and we look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year on Wednesday 3rd January 2024.


EYFS News 08.12.2023


Let's dive into the exciting world of Early Years with only 17 more sleeps till Christmas Day! The nativity stage has one again been alive with the sounds of rehearsals, laughter, and a sprinkle of holiday Christmas magic. We have been busy polishing our nativity ready for a heart-warming show next Wednesday. In addition to our adventures, we had the pleasure of watching the Key Stage 1 nativity with amazement. The children were captivated, singing along to the songs and adding their applause to the performance.


In our Maths lessons we have been our focusing on the composition of numbers 1-5. We have been using tens frames and Hungarian tens frames. This hands-on experience illustrated that numbers can be made using other numbers, adding another layer to their understanding.



Building on this, we progressed to using part-part-whole models to show how numbers 1-5 can be split. It was amazing to see their minds at work as they visually represented and understood the composition of numbers 1-5.





In Religious Education we took a trip through the nativity story. With curiosity and enthusiasm, they carefully sequenced the tale back together. The EYFS team enjoyed witnessing their curiosity and hearing their discussions with each other as they explored the significance of Christmas through the nativity story. 


In our Creative corner, there has been an explosion of festive fun as the children crafted their own Christmas wreaths, independently wrote and created Christmas cards. Get ready for some fantastic fridge-worthy artwork!

In Outdoor learning, we dived into the importance of fire pit safety – a valuable lesson learned with enthusiasm. After our outdoor escapades, we cozied up around the fire pit with cups of steaming hot chocolate. Laughter echoed through the crisp air as the children turned our outdoor space into a haven of winter giggles and joy.






EYFS News 01.12.2023


Our little ones in Early Years have been up to all sorts of excitement this week, and I'm thrilled to share some of the highlights with you. The magic of the Christmas season is alive and well in Early Years. Our little stars have been rehearsing for our nativity play with gusto. The nativity stage has become their favourite spot, and the energy is infectious. Get ready to be amazed by their heart-warming performance – it's like a burst of festive Christmas joy!

In outdoor learning our budding wildlife experts embraced the great outdoors for a fantastic scavenger hunt. Armed with the 'rule of foraging,' they combed the school grounds for leaves, twigs, and all things nature.

Back in the Early Years classroom we then used our treasures, to give life to plain cut-outs, turning them into adorable woodland creatures. The result? Mini masterpieces that you can see from the early year’s gate.



Next week we are eagerly looking forward to more festive fun as we count down to Christmas.




Gentle reminders-

  • Please can all nativity costumes be brought into school by Thursday 7th December in a named carrier bag. If you have them ready, please bring them in. This gives them a chance to practice in their costumes!
  • Now the weather is getting colder, if your child wants to bring in a hat, scarf and gloves, please can you make sure they are all named.

EYFS News 24.11.2023


This week the air in the early years classrooms have been filled with the wonderful sounds of Nativity music. The children have been putting in tremendous effort, rehearsing their lines, learning their words, and perfecting their actions for their upcoming Nativity play


In our outdoor learning lesson this week we embarked on an autumn walk. The children had the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, exploring the colours and textures of autumn. But that's not all, we also got creative by crafting our very own autumn crowns. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to connect with the changing seasons, feel the crisp, cool autumn air, and let their imaginations run wild.

In our PE lesson this week the children have been developing their motor skills, teamwork, and overall physical coordination. This week we focussed on throwing a small ball into the air with two hands then with one hand. We moved onto throwing the small ball to a partner using an underarm throw with two hands. We then practised throwing a bean bag overarm using the right posture and arm position.  


In maths this week we have been exploring the numbers 4 and 5. Through hands-on activities, we have been mastering the art of representing numbers 1-5 using a tens frame and a Hungarian tens frame. Sorting numbers 1-5 by counting the number of objects using 1:1 correspondence. The children really enjoyed these engaging experiences.


The festive Christmas spirit has also taken root in our creative corner, where we have been busy crafting and decorating our very own junk model Christmas trees. We decided what materials we wanted to use to make our Christmas tree out of and what materials we wanted to use to decorate our trees. The Early years team enjoyed seeing the children’s sense of pride as they showcase their unique, festive masterpieces.

EYFS News 17.11.2023


The children have had another brilliant week in EYFS! We have begun preparing for our Christmas Nativity which will take place at the end of the term. The children have been learning the songs ‘little donkey, away in a manger and we wish you a merry Christmas. They have learnt the songs fantastically and have created their own actions to accompany the songs.


In maths this week we have been learning all about 2D shapes, in particular exploring circles and triangles. We investigated their properties, sorted them based on their properties and then made a repeating pattern out of them.


On Thursday the children excitedly opened different foil packets to discover that some were circles and some were triangles. The children were then able to use full STEM sentences to describe the shapes in detail as they sorted them into two groups.


In phonics this week the children have enjoyed learning more sounds and are beginning to gain confidence to blend sounds together in words. Using Fred the frog, the children know that Fred can only talk in sounds, for example; m-a-t and the children have to help Fred blend these sounds together, m-a-t….mat! We have been practising reading these at school and would like the children to continue to practise these at home.


Following on from the celebrations of bonfire night and Diwali many of the children were keen to challenge themselves to make a rocket using recyclable materials. They decided what materials they wanted to use and how they were going to attach the parts together. The early year’s team were so delighted to see so many colourful rockets that the children produced.


Whilst alongside this the children learnt all about why Hanukkah is an important celebration for Jewish people. We explored how they celebrate Hanukkah and the children created their own menorah candle using their hands.

Reminder: Please could all children bring their costume in to school in a named carrier bag by Thursday 7th December at the latest.  If you have any problems sourcing a costume, please do let the Early Years Team know so that we can help.

We are looking forward to being able to share our Christmas Nativity with you. Thank you as always for your continued help and support. 

Have a great weekend,

From the EYFS Team


EYFS News 10.11.23

What a lovely day the children had in outdoor learning, they were so lucky with the weather. Hidden in Mrs Kyte's bag were some leaves. It was the children’s job to match the leaves together. They had to look really hard to see what the shape of the leaf, the colour and how big it was to help them find the correct leaf.


In Religious education this week, the children enjoyed talking about why we celebrate birthdays and the meaning behind them. They were able to explain that each year they get older and bigger! The children then learnt about a special baby from the Bible called Jesus, who was born on Christmas Day. We will be learning about the Nativity story both in RE and in our practice for our own Nativity performance.


 The children enjoyed talking about Bonfire night, acting out fireworks and creating the sound effects.


The creative challenge for this week was making their own firework pictures. They used different ways to create firework explosions on their paper using bright coloured paint. 




The children have been continuing their learning on the number 1,2 and 3 this week by beginning to understand that numbers can be made up of smaller numbers. They have been looking at the composition of these numbers, seeing how we can make them in different ways. They have also been learning the mathematical concept of one more and one less. They enjoyed acting out the story of the Gingerbread men and singing songs to help understand the process of taking one away or adding one more.


EYFS News 3/11/23

Welcome to Term 2. We kick started the term with a fun day of outdoor learning. The children took part in an Autumn leaf hunt. They went on a walk and hunted for different types of Autumn leaves, spotty ones, yellow ones, brown ones, star shape and many more. They also learnt some names of trees we have in our school, hazel, maple and silver birch to name a few.














This week, the children completed their first piece of writing. They were excited to share their holiday news with the class about what they got up to in the half term. They used their sounds to help support them to hear the initial sounds in words before matching with corresponding letters.


In maths this week, we have started to look at the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The key vocabulary for this week has been the word ‘numeral’ when we have been looking and identifying the written numbers. The children have enjoyed recognising, representing and sorting numerals 1,2 and 3 in different ways.


In PE we began learning about controlled passing, experimenting with throwing using two hands, throwing underarm, throwing underarm into a target and catching a ball with two hands.

This term, our topic is called Let’s Celebrate we have been learning all about Diwali the festival of light. We have been thinking about. What is Diwali? Why do people celebrate this festival and what do they do on the day of the festival?


EYFS News 20.10.2023

What a brilliant week we have had in EYFS this week.  The week kicked off with a bang as the children took part in their first ever Harvest church service at St Stephens church. The children confidently walked onto the stage and sung ‘Big red combine harvester’ at the top of their lungs. Miss Adams and Mrs Nicholas were so proud of their enthusiasm and all their hard work. It didn’t end there, afterwards the children were eager to find their buddy ready for the chilly walk back to school.



Please click here to watch the video of your child singing so fantastically!


In Religious education we have begun to learn all about the creation story. The children enjoyed creating pictures from the creation story

using paint to represent the stars and the moon and night and day.






In outdoor learning this week we created mud faces of our family members (I wonder if parent, you can work out which one is you?)

The children then used loose parts to create the parts of the face.









In maths we been investigating repeating patters we have followed simple patterns in our maths lessons and have enjoyed made up our own patterns using different ways in exploring time.  






We would like to thank parents for a wonderful half term and for all your support you have shown us and your child in helping settle them into their first term at school. If you came to one of our phonics sessions we hope you found this helpful. If you were not able to attend we have a parent phonics workshop on Thursday 2nd November at 17:00pm in the school hall.


Reminder please bring in a pair of wellies ready for outdoor learning to begin on Tuesday 31st October.

EYFS 13.10.23

This week in outdoor learning, we learnt about the life cycle of an acorn. We made acorn necklaces after turning the acorns into people.









We enjoyed learning all about our homes and discussing the similarities and differences. We had lots of fun making our homes out of junk modelling! We talked about different pets we have at home and what our dream pet would be! Squirrel class really wanted to have a pet turtle and Badger class want to have a pet iguana. Next week, we are focusing on our school environment and the features of our school.


In maths, we have been focusing on key vocabulary ‘smallest, largest, shortest, tallest, longest, lightest and heaviest’. We have been investigating ways of comparing size, weight and mass in different ways. We especially enjoyed trying to put ourselves in height order!

Badger and Squirrels were very excited to see their Year 5 buddies again. They spent some time with them before they walk back together from Church on Monday. Please remember to drop your child off at St Stephen’s Church on Monday for our Harvest Church Service. The children are singing the song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ if your child would like to practise over the weekend please click on the words below.

Big Red Combine Harvester Song


Next week, in Early Years we have our parent phonics sessions. Please check your child’s reading journal to see what day and time you have been allocated. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our classrooms!

Next term, the children will continue outdoor learning on a Tuesday. Please can your child bring in wellies and waterproof coats either every Tuesday or if they can be left at school that would be brilliant!

EYFS News 06.10.2023


We have had a brilliant week this week in Early years. We began the week by looking at the book ‘Something Else’ by Kathryn Cave. We explored why it is okay to be friends with someone even if they do not look like us. We explored how it feels to be lonely and left out, and what we can do to make sure people aren’t left out just because they are different. We linked this to filling up our buckets and how we can fill up someone else’s bucket by including everyone in our games or by being kind to everyone even if they are different to us.

This week in maths we have begun to explore comparing groups of objects using the language more, fewer and less than. The children enjoyed creating different groups of objects comparing them and then proving how they knew that a group had more or less in it than the other.


During our out-door learning this week the children developed their fine motor and analytical thinking skills as they investigated the water wall. The children had loads of fun exploring what happened when they poured the water in the top and watching it come out the other end.



As part of our topic ‘Knock Knock’ we have been learning all about ourselves, our families and who are friends are. This week we explore what our friends look like, how they make us feel and what we like to do with our friends. The children loved drawing pictures of their friends as well as telling the class all about their friends and what they like to get up to.


Next week our focus is our homes by exploring the book ‘Aaaarrgghh, spider’ by Lydia Monks. In maths we will begin to compare size and capacity. For a creative activity next week please can each child bring in a cuboid shaped box.

We hope you have a great weekend! 

From the Early Years team


EYFS News 29.09.2023

We have had a brilliant week this week in Early years. The week began with some special visitors from Year 5. This year we have introduced a buddy system across the school and early years are lucky enough to be paired with Year 5. Class 5C and 5H came down very excitedly to spent an afternoon with Badgers and Squirrels, getting to know all about their buddy. The children will have the opportunity to see their buddy again on a monthly basis. Badgers and Squirrels are looking forward to walking back with them after their first church service on Monday 16th October.


On Tuesday during our outdoor learning lesson the children have been learning about conkers and that they grow inside a horse chestnut tree shell. The children then had fun rolling them around in paint to create marble effect art work.

This week we have begun our whole class maths lessons focussing on sorting, matching and comparing. Our key vocabulary has been a focus especially using the words: pairs, the same as, different and match.

The children had lots of fun playing pairs games especially when they tried to beat Miss Adam’s and Mrs Nicholas.

On Thursday the children had their first PE session where we practised getting changed independently and they didn’t loose any item of their clothing! We played some team building activities in the hall and they enjoyed participating as a team.

Please find inside your child's reading book a set of sounds we have been learning and writing this term. Please practise writing these sounds together in fun ways at home, making two letter words such as: am, an, it, is, in, on and at, blending them together before saying the word. 


We have given your child a phonics workshop letter where we would like to invite you to watch a phonics lesson during the last week of Term 1. Also, we are holding a phonics parent workshop on Thursday 2nd November 17:30pm-18:30pm. If you would like to attend please complete the form and return it to your child’s class teacher by Monday 9th October. ​​​​​​



EYFS News 22.09.2023


Wow what a wonderful week we have had in early years despite the rainy weather.

We began the week by looking at the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today.’ We explored the concrete concept of an ‘invisible bucket’ is and how it holds your good thoughts and feelings. We discussed how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love by “filling other peoples buckets.” The children enjoyed discovering what special object

was hiding inside the box.










On Tuesday during outdoor learning we investigated Autumn leaves, thinking about the type of trees that loose their leaves (deciduous). We then weaved on the leaves using string to make them look colourful and autumnal.



As part of our topic ‘Knock Knock’ we have been learning all about ourselves, our families, our feelings and our similarities and differences. This week we explored self-portraits. We used mirrors to look at our faces and create our own wonderful self-portraits. The children loved drawing pictures of themselves and creating a cartoon face with two eyes two ears a nose and a mouth.

The children have been coming into school really confidently and have settled in really well into our EYFS classes. On Monday we would like the children to walk themselves into their classroom from the Early years gate. Parents can still walk through the green gate onto the KS1 playground and then say goodbye to their child at the early years brown gate.


We hope you have a great weekend!

From The EYFS Team 




EYFS News 15.9.23

It has been a fantastic first week in the Squirrel and Badger classrooms. All the children have been coming into school confidently and bursting with enthusiasm. We are so proud of how they have all settled into school this week, learning our classroom routines and exploring their new school environment.

This week they have been getting to know all of their new friends in their class as well as all the adults in Early Years. The children enjoyed listening to the EYFS team as we shared our shoes boxes. Squirrel class found it funny trying to guess the name of Miss Adams’ rhino teddy! The children have loved sharing their boxes also and getting to know each other better.



On Tuesday Mrs Kyte, our outdoor learning teacher, spent the day in Early Years exploring Autumn leaves and how they change colours during Autumn and Winter. They had lots of fun turning themselves into leaf people.



This week, the children were excited to begin learning their sounds. They liked learning the sounds ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’ and ‘d’ as well practising forming these letters correctly whilst saying the RWI rhymes.


On Monday, your child will come home with a reading journal and book without words in their book bag. This term, they will have books without words whilst they begin learning their sounds. Books without words are highly important in developing their comprehension skills and imagination when coming up with a story. Reading books will be changed every Monday and Thursday and please sign in the reading journal when you read them at home. Library books will also begin next Friday and will be changed every Friday. Please speak to either Miss Adams or Mrs Nicholas if you have any questions regarding your child’s reading books, or any other concerns/questions.