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EYFS News 24.11.2023


This week the air in the early years classrooms have been filled with the wonderful sounds of Nativity music. The children have been putting in tremendous effort, rehearsing their lines, learning their words, and perfecting their actions for their upcoming Nativity play


In our outdoor learning lesson this week we embarked on an autumn walk. The children had the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, exploring the colours and textures of autumn. But that's not all, we also got creative by crafting our very own autumn crowns. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to connect with the changing seasons, feel the crisp, cool autumn air, and let their imaginations run wild.

In our PE lesson this week the children have been developing their motor skills, teamwork, and overall physical coordination. This week we focussed on throwing a small ball into the air with two hands then with one hand. We moved onto throwing the small ball to a partner using an underarm throw with two hands. We then practised throwing a bean bag overarm using the right posture and arm position.  


In maths this week we have been exploring the numbers 4 and 5. Through hands-on activities, we have been mastering the art of representing numbers 1-5 using a tens frame and a Hungarian tens frame. Sorting numbers 1-5 by counting the number of objects using 1:1 correspondence. The children really enjoyed these engaging experiences.


The festive Christmas spirit has also taken root in our creative corner, where we have been busy crafting and decorating our very own junk model Christmas trees. We decided what materials we wanted to use to make our Christmas tree out of and what materials we wanted to use to decorate our trees. The Early years team enjoyed seeing the children’s sense of pride as they showcase their unique, festive masterpieces.

EYFS News 17.11.2023


The children have had another brilliant week in EYFS! We have begun preparing for our Christmas Nativity which will take place at the end of the term. The children have been learning the songs ‘little donkey, away in a manger and we wish you a merry Christmas. They have learnt the songs fantastically and have created their own actions to accompany the songs.


In maths this week we have been learning all about 2D shapes, in particular exploring circles and triangles. We investigated their properties, sorted them based on their properties and then made a repeating pattern out of them.


On Thursday the children excitedly opened different foil packets to discover that some were circles and some were triangles. The children were then able to use full STEM sentences to describe the shapes in detail as they sorted them into two groups.


In phonics this week the children have enjoyed learning more sounds and are beginning to gain confidence to blend sounds together in words. Using Fred the frog, the children know that Fred can only talk in sounds, for example; m-a-t and the children have to help Fred blend these sounds together, m-a-t….mat! We have been practising reading these at school and would like the children to continue to practise these at home.


Following on from the celebrations of bonfire night and Diwali many of the children were keen to challenge themselves to make a rocket using recyclable materials. They decided what materials they wanted to use and how they were going to attach the parts together. The early year’s team were so delighted to see so many colourful rockets that the children produced.


Whilst alongside this the children learnt all about why Hanukkah is an important celebration for Jewish people. We explored how they celebrate Hanukkah and the children created their own menorah candle using their hands.

Reminder: Please could all children bring their costume in to school in a named carrier bag by Thursday 7th December at the latest.  If you have any problems sourcing a costume, please do let the Early Years Team know so that we can help.

We are looking forward to being able to share our Christmas Nativity with you. Thank you as always for your continued help and support. 

Have a great weekend,

From the EYFS Team


EYFS News 10.11.23

What a lovely day the children had in outdoor learning, they were so lucky with the weather. Hidden in Mrs Kyte's bag were some leaves. It was the children’s job to match the leaves together. They had to look really hard to see what the shape of the leaf, the colour and how big it was to help them find the correct leaf.


In Religious education this week, the children enjoyed talking about why we celebrate birthdays and the meaning behind them. They were able to explain that each year they get older and bigger! The children then learnt about a special baby from the Bible called Jesus, who was born on Christmas Day. We will be learning about the Nativity story both in RE and in our practice for our own Nativity performance.


 The children enjoyed talking about Bonfire night, acting out fireworks and creating the sound effects.


The creative challenge for this week was making their own firework pictures. They used different ways to create firework explosions on their paper using bright coloured paint. 




The children have been continuing their learning on the number 1,2 and 3 this week by beginning to understand that numbers can be made up of smaller numbers. They have been looking at the composition of these numbers, seeing how we can make them in different ways. They have also been learning the mathematical concept of one more and one less. They enjoyed acting out the story of the Gingerbread men and singing songs to help understand the process of taking one away or adding one more.


EYFS News 3/11/23

Welcome to Term 2. We kick started the term with a fun day of outdoor learning. The children took part in an Autumn leaf hunt. They went on a walk and hunted for different types of Autumn leaves, spotty ones, yellow ones, brown ones, star shape and many more. They also learnt some names of trees we have in our school, hazel, maple and silver birch to name a few.














This week, the children completed their first piece of writing. They were excited to share their holiday news with the class about what they got up to in the half term. They used their sounds to help support them to hear the initial sounds in words before matching with corresponding letters.


In maths this week, we have started to look at the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The key vocabulary for this week has been the word ‘numeral’ when we have been looking and identifying the written numbers. The children have enjoyed recognising, representing and sorting numerals 1,2 and 3 in different ways.


In PE we began learning about controlled passing, experimenting with throwing using two hands, throwing underarm, throwing underarm into a target and catching a ball with two hands.

This term, our topic is called Let’s Celebrate we have been learning all about Diwali the festival of light. We have been thinking about. What is Diwali? Why do people celebrate this festival and what do they do on the day of the festival?


EYFS News 20.10.2023

What a brilliant week we have had in EYFS this week.  The week kicked off with a bang as the children took part in their first ever Harvest church service at St Stephens church. The children confidently walked onto the stage and sung ‘Big red combine harvester’ at the top of their lungs. Miss Adams and Mrs Nicholas were so proud of their enthusiasm and all their hard work. It didn’t end there, afterwards the children were eager to find their buddy ready for the chilly walk back to school.



Please click here to watch the video of your child singing so fantastically!


In Religious education we have begun to learn all about the creation story. The children enjoyed creating pictures from the creation story

using paint to represent the stars and the moon and night and day.






In outdoor learning this week we created mud faces of our family members (I wonder if parent, you can work out which one is you?)

The children then used loose parts to create the parts of the face.









In maths we been investigating repeating patters we have followed simple patterns in our maths lessons and have enjoyed made up our own patterns using different ways in exploring time.  






We would like to thank parents for a wonderful half term and for all your support you have shown us and your child in helping settle them into their first term at school. If you came to one of our phonics sessions we hope you found this helpful. If you were not able to attend we have a parent phonics workshop on Thursday 2nd November at 17:00pm in the school hall.


Reminder please bring in a pair of wellies ready for outdoor learning to begin on Tuesday 31st October.

EYFS 13.10.23

This week in outdoor learning, we learnt about the life cycle of an acorn. We made acorn necklaces after turning the acorns into people.









We enjoyed learning all about our homes and discussing the similarities and differences. We had lots of fun making our homes out of junk modelling! We talked about different pets we have at home and what our dream pet would be! Squirrel class really wanted to have a pet turtle and Badger class want to have a pet iguana. Next week, we are focusing on our school environment and the features of our school.


In maths, we have been focusing on key vocabulary ‘smallest, largest, shortest, tallest, longest, lightest and heaviest’. We have been investigating ways of comparing size, weight and mass in different ways. We especially enjoyed trying to put ourselves in height order!

Badger and Squirrels were very excited to see their Year 5 buddies again. They spent some time with them before they walk back together from Church on Monday. Please remember to drop your child off at St Stephen’s Church on Monday for our Harvest Church Service. The children are singing the song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ if your child would like to practise over the weekend please click on the words below.

Big Red Combine Harvester Song


Next week, in Early Years we have our parent phonics sessions. Please check your child’s reading journal to see what day and time you have been allocated. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to our classrooms!

Next term, the children will continue outdoor learning on a Tuesday. Please can your child bring in wellies and waterproof coats either every Tuesday or if they can be left at school that would be brilliant!

EYFS News 06.10.2023


We have had a brilliant week this week in Early years. We began the week by looking at the book ‘Something Else’ by Kathryn Cave. We explored why it is okay to be friends with someone even if they do not look like us. We explored how it feels to be lonely and left out, and what we can do to make sure people aren’t left out just because they are different. We linked this to filling up our buckets and how we can fill up someone else’s bucket by including everyone in our games or by being kind to everyone even if they are different to us.

This week in maths we have begun to explore comparing groups of objects using the language more, fewer and less than. The children enjoyed creating different groups of objects comparing them and then proving how they knew that a group had more or less in it than the other.


During our out-door learning this week the children developed their fine motor and analytical thinking skills as they investigated the water wall. The children had loads of fun exploring what happened when they poured the water in the top and watching it come out the other end.



As part of our topic ‘Knock Knock’ we have been learning all about ourselves, our families and who are friends are. This week we explore what our friends look like, how they make us feel and what we like to do with our friends. The children loved drawing pictures of their friends as well as telling the class all about their friends and what they like to get up to.


Next week our focus is our homes by exploring the book ‘Aaaarrgghh, spider’ by Lydia Monks. In maths we will begin to compare size and capacity. For a creative activity next week please can each child bring in a cuboid shaped box.

We hope you have a great weekend! 

From the Early Years team


EYFS News 29.09.2023

We have had a brilliant week this week in Early years. The week began with some special visitors from Year 5. This year we have introduced a buddy system across the school and early years are lucky enough to be paired with Year 5. Class 5C and 5H came down very excitedly to spent an afternoon with Badgers and Squirrels, getting to know all about their buddy. The children will have the opportunity to see their buddy again on a monthly basis. Badgers and Squirrels are looking forward to walking back with them after their first church service on Monday 16th October.


On Tuesday during our outdoor learning lesson the children have been learning about conkers and that they grow inside a horse chestnut tree shell. The children then had fun rolling them around in paint to create marble effect art work.

This week we have begun our whole class maths lessons focussing on sorting, matching and comparing. Our key vocabulary has been a focus especially using the words: pairs, the same as, different and match.

The children had lots of fun playing pairs games especially when they tried to beat Miss Adam’s and Mrs Nicholas.

On Thursday the children had their first PE session where we practised getting changed independently and they didn’t loose any item of their clothing! We played some team building activities in the hall and they enjoyed participating as a team.

Please find inside your child's reading book a set of sounds we have been learning and writing this term. Please practise writing these sounds together in fun ways at home, making two letter words such as: am, an, it, is, in, on and at, blending them together before saying the word. 


We have given your child a phonics workshop letter where we would like to invite you to watch a phonics lesson during the last week of Term 1. Also, we are holding a phonics parent workshop on Thursday 2nd November 17:30pm-18:30pm. If you would like to attend please complete the form and return it to your child’s class teacher by Monday 9th October. ​​​​​​



EYFS News 22.09.2023


Wow what a wonderful week we have had in early years despite the rainy weather.

We began the week by looking at the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today.’ We explored the concrete concept of an ‘invisible bucket’ is and how it holds your good thoughts and feelings. We discussed how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love by “filling other peoples buckets.” The children enjoyed discovering what special object

was hiding inside the box.










On Tuesday during outdoor learning we investigated Autumn leaves, thinking about the type of trees that loose their leaves (deciduous). We then weaved on the leaves using string to make them look colourful and autumnal.



As part of our topic ‘Knock Knock’ we have been learning all about ourselves, our families, our feelings and our similarities and differences. This week we explored self-portraits. We used mirrors to look at our faces and create our own wonderful self-portraits. The children loved drawing pictures of themselves and creating a cartoon face with two eyes two ears a nose and a mouth.

The children have been coming into school really confidently and have settled in really well into our EYFS classes. On Monday we would like the children to walk themselves into their classroom from the Early years gate. Parents can still walk through the green gate onto the KS1 playground and then say goodbye to their child at the early years brown gate.


We hope you have a great weekend!

From The EYFS Team 




EYFS News 15.9.23

It has been a fantastic first week in the Squirrel and Badger classrooms. All the children have been coming into school confidently and bursting with enthusiasm. We are so proud of how they have all settled into school this week, learning our classroom routines and exploring their new school environment.

This week they have been getting to know all of their new friends in their class as well as all the adults in Early Years. The children enjoyed listening to the EYFS team as we shared our shoes boxes. Squirrel class found it funny trying to guess the name of Miss Adams’ rhino teddy! The children have loved sharing their boxes also and getting to know each other better.



On Tuesday Mrs Kyte, our outdoor learning teacher, spent the day in Early Years exploring Autumn leaves and how they change colours during Autumn and Winter. They had lots of fun turning themselves into leaf people.



This week, the children were excited to begin learning their sounds. They liked learning the sounds ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘s’ and ‘d’ as well practising forming these letters correctly whilst saying the RWI rhymes.


On Monday, your child will come home with a reading journal and book without words in their book bag. This term, they will have books without words whilst they begin learning their sounds. Books without words are highly important in developing their comprehension skills and imagination when coming up with a story. Reading books will be changed every Monday and Thursday and please sign in the reading journal when you read them at home. Library books will also begin next Friday and will be changed every Friday. Please speak to either Miss Adams or Mrs Nicholas if you have any questions regarding your child’s reading books, or any other concerns/questions.