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Peripatetic Instrument Lessons

Music Lessons

At Bishop Chavasse, we offer instrument lessons in a variety of different instruments.


Kent Music

We provide violin and woodwind lessons through a teacher from Kent Music on a Monday. Woodwind instruments include flute, recorder, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and saxophone. These lessons can take place as individual or small group lessons. For lessons through a Kent Music Provider, please see the price guidelines:

1:1 20 minute lesson - £13

1:1 30 minute lesson - £19.50

Group of 2 for 20 minutes - £6.50

Group of 2 for 30 minutes - £10

Group of 3 for 30 minutes - £6.50

If you are interested in your child learning one of these instruments, please visit Kent Music (Music Lessons | Kent Music (


Drummers and Strummers

Steve Wren is an enthusiastic musician who has a clear passion for inspiring children to become talented musicians. He provides lessons at Bishop Chavasse to teach drums and guitar on a Wednesday. His lessons are half an hour in small groups (usually 2-3 students) and cost £8 per lesson. For more information or to make an enquiry, please visit Drummers and Strummers or email Steve



Through iRock, we have set up a number of bands, who learn different songs before performing to the school and their parents. By being part of a band, the children will receive weekly lessons with their band and become confident performers. Lessons cost £38.95 per month. Lessons take place on a Thursday throughout the morning. For more information, please visit iRock School of Music, email or call 0330 174 2655.


Andrew Parry music

We are excited to invite teachers from Andrew Parry music into Bishop Chavasse in September to teach singing, piano and ukulele. Ukulele and voice lessons will be available on Mondays, while piano lessons will take place on Thursdays. Please visit Andrew Parry Music for more information and to apply. Their costings are as below:

Individual 30 mins (£16 per lesson)

Individual 20 mins (£11 per lesson)

Group 30 mins (£8.50 per lesson)


If you would like more information regarding Music lessons, please contact Miss Clare via the school office.