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Year 1

Welcome to Team Patience and Team Honesty


Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find all of the details about our year group that you will need to know, including your child's topics, class trips and class based activities.


There are two parallel classes in Year 1: Team Patience and Team Honesty. In Year 1, we provide a safe and positive learning environment where children are all valued and treated as individuals, giving them the confidence to thrive and achieve their full potential.


Team Patience are taught by Miss Clare and Team Honesty are taught by Miss Scott. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hall and Mrs Ramisetty. On a Monday we are also taught by Mrs Golding and Miss Cottee.


At the beginning of the academic year, the children learn all about Our Island Home, as they explore our local area. We then go on to explore Fire and Ice, learning all about the Great Fire of London and animals in Antarctica. We then finish our journey with our Passport around the World, discovering different continents and countries that are different to England.



Our Year 1 Team

Miss Clare                                        Miss Scott                                 Mrs Golding

Team Patience                                 Team Honesty                           Mondays

Our School Day

This is an example of what a typical day in Year 1 looks like.

Phonics, English and Maths are taught daily in the morning. All other foundation subjects are taught in the afternoon.



Guided reading takes place throughout the week as well as some individual reading. Guided reading sessions teach skills of blending, fluency, comprehension and expression. We monitor progress through these sessions. Independent reading reinforces their phonics knowledge and adults will hear them read 1:1 throughout the week. This will be recorded in their reading record. We would like you to read with your child at least 3 times a week and record any comments in your child's Reading Record Book. When reading with your child, please try to ask them questions about the title of the book, the pictures and what they have read to check their comprehension. Please note, books only get changed once the book has been read twice, to help with their fluency and accuracy of reading.



  • PE lessons take place on a Monday and a Wednesday.
  • Children must have the appropriate house colour top, a zip-up jumper, plain blue or black shorts or jogging trousers and plain trainers for PE.

Please ensure that all PE kit and PE bags are named clearly. This makes it easier to return lost items to the correct owner.


Our foundation subjects:



Design Technology




Physical Education

Religious Education




Spellings will be sent home every Wednesday and will be due in the following Monday. This will consist of 10 spellings, practising Year 1 common exception words as well as their phonetic practise.

The Great Fire of London day

We had a day to celebrate our amazing learning about The Great Fire of London. We had a great talk from a London firefighter, who let us try on some uniform and we learnt all about why he loves his job.


As the fire started in the bakery on Pudding Lane, we made some bread which were cooked in our safe electric ovens at school.

We also had a go at writing with some quills, like Samuel Pepys used to write his diary about the events of The Great Fire of London. 

Finally, we had a go at carrying buckets of water like they did back in 1666 to try to put out the fire. We realised how heavy this was and what tiring work it would have been. 

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