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Heatree News

This page will be used each day to update you on what Year 6 have been up to. Please note that sometimes these updates will be done once the children have gone to bed and therefore they may not be done until later on in the evening. We hope you have a fantastic week and that you enjoy seeing what the children have been up to through the pictures and recount of the day!

Thursday 27th June 2024


Greetings from high upon the moors! Today has been a fantastic day filled with new adventures, pushing ourselves to new heights. We started the day by splitting into our colour teams and taking a trip to Hound Tor. 


Our wilderness venture began by hiking our way to Hound Tor, playing lots of games such as camouflage where the children would hide behind the ferns. Despite the wind and the heat, everyone persevered, and the effort was well worth it when we got to enjoy a the beautiful views of Devon.

When we arrived at Hound Tor, we put on our helmets ready to take part in our next activity; climbing and weasling. We had to crawl through tight spaces and climb upon high rocks to get from one side to another. It was fantastic to see the children’s faces as they squeezed through the tight spaces and showed determination as they climbed up onto the rock faces. Later in the afternoon, the excitement continued with orienteering where the children chose their groups to use the map of the site to go around and find all the different 


After our delicious dinner of roast chicken and ice cream, the children had some free time where we played lots of team games of rounders, football and dodgeball and some children chose more chilled out activities such as bracelet making. The evening ended with a spectacular showcase of talents in our first ever Bishop Chavasse dance off! We’ve had an incredible day full of new experiences, fun and laughter. The last evening has had a sense of sadness that it’s our last day but also full of excitement to come home to see our lovely families and enjoy our home comforts. What an amazing week we’ve had that has left us with memories that will last a lifetime! 

Wednesday 26th June 2024


Greetings from Heatree Camp! Today has been yet another spectacular day filled with excitement and adventure. We started the day by splitting into our color teams and taking part in two character-building activities that truly tested our teamwork and bravery.


The first activity, called Low Adventure, challenged us to solve puzzles using ropes and wooden skis. Despite the heat, everyone persevered, and the effort was well worth it when we got to enjoy a refreshing walk through a stream. This wasn't just any walk; we had to crawl through tunnels to get from one side of the river to the next. It was fantastic to see the children’s faces light up as they raced down the tunnel and plunged into the cold, invigorating water.


In the afternoon, the excitement continued with an archery lesson. For many, it was a new and thrilling experience. We played a variety of games, including the pizza game, where different colors had different meanings, and a challenge to aim at balloons. The highlight was definitely the game where we had to win our cutlery for dinner. It was hilarious and fascinating to see the mix of utensils the children ended up with – some had four spoons, others a single knife, and a few didn’t win any cutlery at all, leading to Mr. Lucas and Miss Scott feeding them!


The day concluded with a delightful visit to the roundhouse. We gathered around a campfire, toasting marshmallows, singing songs, and engaging in riddle games. It was the perfect end to a day filled with fun, challenges, and memorable moments. We all feel fulfilled and proud of our achievements.


Stay tuned for more adventures in the days to come!

Tuesday 25th June 2024


We are excited to share that we've had another fantastic day! Here’s a recap of all the exciting activities we enjoyed:


We kicked off the day with an exhilarating climbing wall challenge. Our students pushed themselves to climb up a really tall tower, and even the staff got involved! It was a great opportunity for everyone to test their limits and overcome fears. After reaching the top, we abseiled down the tower, managing to do a thrilling 360-degree turn while in the air.


After all the excitement, we enjoyed a yummy packed lunch prepared by our wonderful catering team. The sunshine made it even more enjoyable as we relaxed and recharged for the afternoon activities.


In the afternoon, we participated in a raft building activity. This was a fantastic opportunity for team building and personal growth. Working together, we constructed rafts and then tested them by sailing. As you might expect, some of us got a bit wet, but it was all part of the fun and learning experience.


 We wrapped up the day with a delicious dinner and hot chocolate while watching the football. It was the perfect end to a day filled with excitement, teamwork, personal growth, and lots of fun.

Monday 24th June 2024


What a fantastic start to our residential trip we’ve had! As we stepped on the coach, there was a buzz of pure excitement for the week ahead. Our journey was filled with singing, films, laughter and lots and lots of sweets. 

We arrived at Heatree in good time, ready for our first activity; eco-challenge! We used our knowledge of the food chain to capture the opposition in order to gain as many points for their team as they could. Well done to the yellow and green team who won their games! 

After the first activity, we were definitely ready for our dinner! Pasta and sauce and our pudding was apple crumble and custard. Refuelled, we were ready for some outdoor free time where the children enjoyed football, swings and frisbee. 


By the time bedtime came around, the children had already put themselves to bed and settled down to sleep. We all incredibly excited for tomorrow’s activities - raft building and climbing tower.