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School Uniform

At Bishop Chavasse school, every member of our school community is encouraged to feel valued and respected, and all persons are treated fairly. We believe a school uniform is important in building pupils’ sense of identity and belonging to the community of the school. It instils a sense of pride in their school, promotes the ethos of the school, and supports positive behaviour. By creating a common identity amongst all pupils, regardless of background, a school uniform acts as a social leveller, protecting pupils from social pressures whatever their race, religion, gender or background. It can reduce potential bullying and peer pressure to wear the latest fashions and expensive clothing.


We have updated our school uniform policy to include the latest statutory guidance


We have a smart, but simple school uniform which the children wear with pride; just as we have high expectations of pupil conduct, we have high expectations that children wear their school uniform and look smart. 


In Reception we recognise that many children will have just mastered getting themselves dressed.  Therefore, the uniform in Year R is a little different to the rest of the school.


Please see our uniform policy for details  


From Year 1 onwards, the uniform changes to include a tie for boys and girls and details can be found in our uniform policy.


all children take part in P.E and will require a PE kit to be kept in school.  Details can be found in our uniform policy.


Our school clothing supplier is Paul Marchant. 

Paul provides our parents with high quality uniform, at reasonable prices.  He can be contacted by:  phone: 01892 834372  or 07710517237 or by email: 


We keep some new items in stock at school and we also have a supply of pre-loved uniform, which can be purchased by contacting our school office: