Bishop Chavasse Church of England Primary School

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Bishop Chavasse

Church of England Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher                                                 Mrs. Donna Weeks

Assistant Headteacher                                 Mr Sam Fenton

Team Hope, Year R Class Teacher              Mr Phillip Nicholls

Team Joy, Year R Class Teacher                 Mrs. Lorna Nicholls

Team Honesty, Year 1 Class Teacher          Miss Bryony Webb

Team Patience, Year 1 Class Teacher         Mrs Shanna Upton

Team Compassion Year 2 Class Teacher    Miss Sarah Archer

Team Forgiveness Year 2 Class Teacher    Mr Sam Fenton and Mrs Gillian Capewell

Year R Teaching Assistant                           Miss Rebecca Sales and Mrs Claire Hall     Year 1 Teaching Assistants                          Miss Angie Hales and Mrs Daphne Cane

Year 2 Teaching Assistant                            Miss Charlotte Steer and Ms Christine                                                                              Shone

Inclusion Support Assistant                        Miss Rhi Begg

Office Administration                                  Mrs Julia Gillespie

School Business Manager                         Mrs Pauline Barritt  

Site                                                             Mr Gary Farr