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Remembrance Day at Barnes Lodge


Poignant moments and magical memories were made when Year 1 visited Barnes Lodge and spent time creating Remembrance poppies and wreaths with the residents. The children as always were exemplary in their conduct and listened carefully to the war time stories told by the different residents they supported to with their craft.

The children heard what it was like to fly a Spitfire in World War II, the work which went on in Britain with members of the Land Army, about rationing and how one of the residents was a prisoner of war. These residents are some of the last survivors
of the Second World War which made this visit all the more important.  Therefore, embracing the opportunity to share such an important event with the children will ensure that our children do not forget the significance of Remembrance Day.

These war time memories are here but for a short while which is why our our visits to Barnes Lodge and Rosewell House are so precious. We will remember them.