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Our Classes and their Values

Class Names 


  • EYFS – Squirrels and Badgers
  • Year 1 – 1B & 1AM
  • Year 2 – 2L & 2UW
  • Year 3 – 3FP & 3N
  • Year 4 – 4C & 4R
  • Year 5 – 5C & 5W
  • Year 6 – 6P & 6S


Class Values 


At Bishop Chavasse School we believe that it is important that Christian and British values are embedded in everything we do in our school: in the way we behave and in the conversations we have with each other, every day.


Our Class values are taken from the values that Paul, in the book of Galatians 5:22-23, advises us to have and live by.  Christ says we are identified by our 'fruits' and at Bishop Chavasse we encourage and develop these nine values in everybody:


Love - EYFS

Joy - Year 1

Peace - Year 2

Patience - Year 3

Kindness - Year 4

Goodness and Faithfulness - Year 5

Gentleness and Self-control - Year 6



In their year groups, the children learn about the importance of their values and understand what it means to show these values towards one another.