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House Groups


Bishop Chavasse School's House group system aims to give students a greater sense of community within a whole school environment. Students will have the chance to engage and interact with other children in school by participating in numerous inter-House events and activities that occur throughout the school year.


To celebrate the relaunch of the Houses in September 2022, the House groups were renamed. 

The four Houses all represent a significant local historical house:


Ightham Mote    








Benefits of the House system

At Bishop Chavasse school, the House group system supports our students by: 

• Fostering respect, consideration and courtesy throughout the school community.

• Cross year group friendships

• Encouraging positive self-esteem amongst students and promoting the values and ethos of the school community.

• Providing opportunities to obtain the essential life skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing society.

• Providing chances for equality of opportunities as well as encouragement so that students can realise their full potential.

• The promotion of student responsibilities, leadership skills and collaboration.

• The development of students’ personal and social skills and well-being.

•  Ensuring our school is a school that students, parents, staff, governors and the wider community can be justly proud of.


At Bishop Chavasse, our students are extremely proud of the House groups they are in and the aim is that for many years to come, there will be healthy and positive competition between Houses.  The camaraderie and sense of community spirit amongst the four Houses will inspire a feeling of identity, belonging and Christian ethos.


House leadership skills

Students are given opportunities to acquire leadership, team management and business leadership skills by being House leaders and being in House teams.



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