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Homework due 7.02.24

Maths Homework due 31.01.24

Big Maths Beat That

We will be introducing the children to 'Big Maths Beat That' this half term. The children will complete a Big Maths sheet on a Monday, they will bring this home so you can see their score and practise the questions over the week. On a Friday, the children will complete the same sheet they had on the Monday and we can see if they have beaten their original score. 


The children will be using the Big Maths Beat That timers on youtube to complete the sheets. Here is an example of a timer, although your child may have a different amount of time for theirs, it should say on the top of their sheet. BIG MATHS beat that 90 seconds ( Some children may start with sheets from different year groups to ensure it's accessible to them. 



We are starting this half term off looking at shape. At home (or in the park/garden), could you go for a shape hunt. Find different objects, discuss what shapes they are and sort them by shape. 


You could take and print a photo to stick into your books, or create and write a table of the different objects you found.


Here are some simple examples: