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Class Reps

Each class in every year group has a volunteer Class Representative who acts as a link between the class teacher, the parents within the class and the Friends of Bishop Chavasse School Association (FOBCSA).  


As a school we are thrilled with the support our volunteers across the school provide and our class rep volunteers are no exception to this.  


Our Class Reps support the teacher by helping to rally support for school trips, reminding other parents about class year group events, collecting donations during charity events, at the end of the term etc as well as organising social events and passing on messages from the Friends of Bishop Chavasse Association.


Please see below the names of our class reps who will support your classes during this academic year 2023-24:


Badgers - Michelle Beard

Squirrels - Susanna Fabry-Crowe

1M - Sarah Holland

1A - Katie Smith and Lorraine Mittlestein

2UW - Rachael Bemrose and Natalia Jones

2L - Sophie Barrow

3N - Michelle Beard

3FT - Lauren Seal

4CP - Denise Luus

4R - Becky Ashdown

5C - Kim Mills

5W - Tory Horner

6S - Kimmie-Jane Pearce

6P - Petra Sharp