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Our Weekly News

Friday 19th April 2024

A great first week back saw the children begin a new book on Ancient Greek Myths, which ended the week with them creating their own imaginary pandora’s boxes in some free verse poetry. It was very interesting to see what they decided to put in their boxes.

In mathematics we continued to develop our understanding of fractions. The homework this week directly relates to what the children were learning today so please have a go at it with them and see how much they remember!

It was great to welcome the children back to school in this somewhat rainy summer term. The children worked hard and we hope that you all have a restful weekend!

Friday 22nd March


This week the children finished reading their class book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. They were able to produce some wonderful pieces of writing from the book and should be very proud of their comparisons between the book and ‘The Iron Giant’ that they completed at the end of the week.

In mathematics the children have been applying their understanding of the four operations to real life learning in class and at home. They have been reading scales and comparing mass as well as furthering their understanding of volume and capacity.


Finally, we are all looking forward to seeing those of you that can make it to our year group Easter Service next week at St Stephen’s Church. The children have been working hard in rehearsals to retell the Easter Story with some wonderful acting, beautiful singing and outstanding readings that we are sure will get you in the mood for the Easter holiday.  If you haven’t been able to get one in yet, please bring any ‘costumes’ (bed sheets) to church on Monday with thanks!

Friday 15th March

The children worked extremely hard this week and completed lots of tasks that really demonstrated what they have learnt in year 3 so far. We can tell from what we have seen this week that the children can be proud of the progress they have made in their English and Maths work!

We have also started our preparations for our Easter Service on Monday 25th March at St Stephen’s Church. For some of this we have asked lots of the children to find elements of costume that they will need for their parts in the service. These are mostly bed sheets, blankets or large towels in white, grey, blue or other dull colours. We are hoping to try these in our run through next week so if you are able to help please send them in with a name on them somewhere.

Thanks and have a wonderful, hopefully sunny, weekend.

Friday 8th March

What a busy week! The children jumped into book week with both feet and enjoyed all of the activities that took place throughout the week, a big THANK YOU to Miss Scott for organizing such a fun week. They were blown away by our author visit; whisked away to Alice’s wonderland for the Mad Hatter’s tea party; enjoyed story time with Dorothy and the Tin Man in their pajamas; their fancy dress outfits on Thursday were FANTASTIC and they finished the week by welcoming those of you that were able to make it to the classroom to join us for some reading and taking home some new books in their book swap.


In their ‘normal’ lessons, the pupils finished their first unit on fractions with good understanding of the methods they have learnt. In English, their favourite lesson was undoubtedly their nonsense poetry that has now adorned the corridor displays with their creativity.

Friday 1st March

What an exciting week it has been! The children enjoyed some very exciting leap day activities including a leap year time capsule activity that they brought home yesterday. The children had some time to reflect on the four years past and their hopes for the future!


To finish the week, we celebrated St David’s by wearing yellow and carrying out some learning about who St David was. 


Next week is book week and we look forward to seeing the children in their fancy book day costumes on Thursday!

Friday 23rd February


It has been wonderful to welcome the pupils back to school and although it has been a bit of wet start to the new term, they have all been in high spirits and were happy to see their friends again!

This week we started our new book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and the pupils have all been enthralled, even though we have only just met him! This week they have written some wonderful character descriptions and really captured the size and mystery of the Iron Giant. They finished this week in dramatic fashion with freeze frames of scenes from the book.

Finally, the pupils have been learning about fractions in mathematics. They have really impressed us with their existing knowledge and how they have applied this to their new learning. The homework this week relates to what they were doing today.

Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday.

Year 3 News

This week year 3 put what they have been learning this term into action on a wonderful SCIENCE DAY!

As you can see in the pictures that children attempted to manipulate objects with a number of forces to meet a desired outcome. They attempted to defy gravities pull to protect their precious teddy bears by using upthrust from their own parachutes. It was great for them to see the impact their planning had on the Teddy’s decent!


They also used magnets to create their very own fishing games. The children were able to again show how they could defy gravity using magnetism!


Throughout the day the children also launched rockets, protected eggs and built their own boats that not only floated but also used wind-force to move. Well done scientists!

Friday 2nd February 2024

It has been a week of wonderful writing in year 3, as the pupils continue to make their way through our class book, ‘Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf’ by David Almond. The children finished the week writing in role as one of the characters, Ben, and they were able to capture is stat of emotions in that specific terrifying moment; you will have to ask the children about it as we wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises.


At the end of the week, we had a visit from the Fire Emergency Services and Jo talked the children through some home fire safety tips. She discussed the idea of an ‘escape plan’ or ‘home fire drill’ and the pupils learnt how to stay safe in the event of a fire. Quite a few of the pupils were able to discuss how they already keep their homes safe but they may be discussing their home fire drills with you over the weekend!


Finally, we will be having a science day next Tuesday and the children will be asked to bring in a teddy, no bigger than their head, for a gravity experiment that they will be carrying out. Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 26th January 2024


This week we have been given a message from Mrs Kyte:

What a fabulous morning we had at Outdoor Learning. We thought about why we need to learn how to create knots and then we learnt how to create a reef knot. We then played a team game using our reef knot skills. We played a variety of team games before finishing with a twig recognition detective hunt. We used some great observational skills to recognise what twig we had found.


We also started work on a our cartouches using plasticine. The children were able to plan their designs and then, before moving on to clay next week, create a first draft model! They wrote their names using impressions of hieroglyphics. Take a look at the pictures from 3N below.

Cartouche Art and DT

Outdoor Learning

Friday 19th January 2024

This week the pupils concluded our work with ‘Voices in the Park’ by using what they had learnt and creating their own chapters from the perspective of another character in the book. Many of the pupils chose to tell the story from one of the dogs’ perspectives and amazed us with their unique takes on the story.

The pupils also began their work on their own cartouche this week. Over the next few weeks, the pupils will be designing and making their own version of a cartouche using clay using new techniques to impress their names using hieroglyphics!

Finally, in mathematics, the pupils have begun their work on division and many of them are attempting to divide numbers with remainders. We have set that as the homework this week to give them some practice, however, if anyone gets stuck then please don’t worry as we will be continuing this learning next week.

Friday 12th January 2024


This week Year 3 have been exploring our new class book ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Brown. They have been learning about the different characters perspective on an ‘ordinary’ day in the park. The children have been writing some character and setting descriptions using the interesting illustrations; what can you spot in the picture below?


We have also started Forest school learning with Mrs Kyte where they used an open fire to toast some bread. The children learnt about the safety precautions needed for laying and lighting a fire. They also found out about how to administer necessary first aid.


Finally, the children’s topics in Geography and History are ‘The Indus Valley’ and ‘Settlements’ this term and in the introduction they have already begun to draw similarities between places around the world and where we live!

Friday 5th January 2024

Happy New Year! 

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school in the brand new year of  2024! This week we are able to start our new book 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Brown, which they are already enjoying discussing and writing about.


We were able to start the children off with our new P.E topics and Thursday and Friday, they especially enjoyed their first Dodgeball lesson today with some expert dodges and great catching and throwing skills. 


Next week they will get their teeth into our Topics this term; Settlements and The Indus Valley. One of their homework tasks this week is see how much they can find out about their home town which will help them to make links with our in class learning and what they know already. 


Friday 8th December 2023

It has been an action-packed week full of pupil achievements in their learning with a festive finish!

In English the pupils are coming to the end of Tales Told in Tents and they had the opportunity to look back over the stories they have been learning about and make comparisons between them. We were very proud teachers to see that many of the pupils have learnt some strong moral lessons from each of the stories we have covered.

In Mathematics the children dove deeper into the multiplication and division facts for the 3 and 4 times tables. They are really starting to grow in confidence with these number facts; our aim for all of the children to know these off by heart by the end of next term.

Finally, at the end of the week they enjoyed mixing year groups in our festive house day event of making Christingles. The children learnt what each part of the Christmas ornament symbolised and worked well with one another to create the tricky, sticky delicious treat!

Friday 1st December

This week the children in year 3 demonstrated some great levels of concentration and diligence by rounding off their assessment week with their final reading paper. They wrote some wonderful apology letters from Edgar the dragon and we have been really impressed with the standard of writing across the year group. We have also seen in increase in the pupils’ vocabulary choices so a big thank you to all the parents reading with their children.

The children also enjoyed the Road Safety Workshop this week. They were able to work with one another to find safe places to cross a road and how to do so. Please ask them about this as it will keep it fresh in their memory and most of all safe!

Finally, we ended the week on the 1st of December and the children are all getting very excited for the coming weeks’ festive activities.

Friday 24th November 2023


The wind and rain could not stop the children from enjoying another week of learning in year 3!

Things started to get a bit festive this week, as we lit our fist advent candle, representing ‘Joy’. The children had some time to reflect on the things that bring them joy, it put a smile on all our faces after they mentioned, friends, family, food and even some of their lesson at school!

We rounded off the week with some extended writing about our friend Edgar the clumsy dragon from the John Lewis Christmas advert. The children have been wonderfully expressive and written letters from Edgar that really let their compassion shine. Well done to all of you!

Friday 17th November 2023


This week the children had a battle the elements with lots of wet breaktimes which gave them the opportunity to play structured and creative games with their friends in class. It is great to see them playing together showing our school values of wisdom, honesty and compassion!


We had a wonderful time at church on Thursday and wanted to say a massive WELL DONE to the year 6 team as they set the bar for leading a collective worship in church. The year 3 pupils sang beautifully as part of the congregation and their behaviour was excellent.


We hope the sun comes out long enough for you all to enjoy a well earnt rest this weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week. Don’t forget we will be having our photos taken next Wednesday 22nd November so full uniform will be required!

10th November 2023

What an exciting week of learning in year 3! The children had a wonderful time furthering their understanding of our galactic address and our solar system in the Wonderdome. Whilst inside the dome, the children learnt mind-blowing facts about out solar system; they listened attentively and asked some really pertinent questions about what they had heard and our neighbouring planets.


The children also said a big THANK YOU to Miss Cottee for organising a wonderful Bishop Chavasse Day wherein the children got into their house groups and had the chance to learn about our school’s namesake which gave them a great opportunity to build on their team morale with pupils from across the school.


We look forward to continuing our learning in English about our Tales Told in Tents next week. The children have done very well with their addition and subtraction so far and will continue to develop and deepen their understanding in this area next week.

3rd November 2023



Year three have had a peaceful return to school after their half term adventures. From the homework we have received it is clear that they have been up to lots of exciting activities which they will be sharing with their classes next week.


We have started our new book ‘Tales Told in Tents’ by Sally Pomme Clayton and the children have enjoyed researching countries in Central Asia. They were able to safely use reliable sources of information to find out about the countries that are in the traditional tales they will be reading about this term.



The children have had their first session with out new topics ‘Cradles of Civilisation’  and ‘Mountains’. They are beginning to learn about the ‘firm foundations’ of settlements and have already started to relate their understanding to why Tonbridge is situated right next to the River Medway. 

20th October 2023


What wonderful first term the year 3 pupils have had. We have enjoyed forest school, rivers, Ancient Egypt, geological Science and some wonderful English and Mathematics. It was great to meet with those of you who were able to make parents evening, if you were unable to come we will catch up with you in the new term.


3FT will miss have Mrs Taylor on Monday and Tuesdays, but all is not lost, they will still get to see her at points throughout the week. The year 3 team will be welcoming Miss Pring to the team in term 2, she came in for a visit today and the children had lots of questions to get to know her better.


We have had a great Term 1 and thank you all for your ongoing support. The children have been fantastic and we can’t wait to see them all back on Tuesday 31st October to start Term 2!

13th October 2023

A fantastic week of learning for our year 3s this week as they have demonstrated some outstanding writing. The children planned and wrote their own ending to our class book and the teachers were blown away by their creativity and language choices.


The shadufs that the children made were a complete success and will be tested next week. Let’s hope that they will be able to irrigate the crops just like they did back in Ancient Egypt. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all at St Stephen’s Church on Monday for our harvest service.

6th October 2023


This week the year 3s got their teeth into some addition and subtraction of ones, tens and hundreds, giving them a firm foundational understanding of the components needed for the column additional and subtraction that they will be faced with by the end of the unit.

The pupils ended their learning in English with some riddles about an object from our book. I wonder if you can solve the one written below by Ella in 3FT?

I am a weird shape and very small.

I make a clicking sound.

You might find me at the hairdressers.

I can be any colour.

I am good for hair.

I feel smooth.

What am I?


Finally, please remember to bring in your materials for your Shaduf. We have had some already, but if you are unsure please aim to bring in any or all of the following: sticks for a small A frame; a long stick (at least twice as long as t other for the frame); some string to tie it all together, a yogurt pot or hair spray lid and a weight to cantilever the water collected in the pot.



29th September 2023


Year 3 have been enjoying our time outside with our improved Outdoor Learning area. We were super lucky this week, as we got to go into the cleared area and sit around the newly located log circle. We played team building games, some of them showed off our leadership skills, created Flora fact files and a few of us make some elder bead necklaces. 

We have read further into our class book, Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx. The children have written some insightful character descriptions and mapped out Marcy’s emotional journey on her first adventure. Next week we will be writing poetry and deciphering Ancient Egyptian riddles linking to our learning about the Nile.

In History the children have been learning about Howard Carter’s historic discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. We looking forward to building Shaduf’s next week, don’t forget to bring in your resources for your class’ Design Technology lesson!

22nd September 2023


Week three saw 3N begin their outdoor learning and had a great time out in the elements. Please remember that outdoor learning will take place in all weathers and as such, the pupils will need appropriate clothing for all seasons.


The children enjoyed writing some playscripts about our class book and finished the week by acting out them out.

Finally, thank you for your support wit the pupils spelling, reading and homework; we can tell you have been working hard with the children.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the autumnal walks suggested in the homework.


15th September 2023


This week 3FT had a great first session in Outdoor Learning. We played a game, connected with nature, used musical instruments to created a predator and prey piece of music using different dynamics and then started our snap shot a moment project. 3N are looking forward to their first session next week. 

Our First Outdoor Learning

8th September 2023


It has been a wonderful, albeit very hot, start to year 3 for the children and teachers. The pupils have settled into their new classrooms well and have shared some of the amazing adventures they have had with families over the summer holidays in their writing. 


It was great to see so many of the parents attend the meet the teacher morning. If you were unable to attend then please take a look in the ‘Letters and Documents’ folder on our website for the PowerPoint. If you have any questions please catch us at dismissal or send an email through the office.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!