Bishop Chavasse Primary School

Bishop Chavasse Primary School is founded on a strong Christian character and ethos and supported by the Tenax Schools Trust. Tenax is Latin for ‘tenacious’ or ‘steadfast’ and we will provide an outstanding education to all our children through our committed belief in the value of a Church of England education.

These shared Christian values will help us nurture and support all at Bishop Chavasse Primary school with a special focus on all our children:

Giving your best: each child will learn to give of their best in all they do and be generous with both their time and their gifts

Resilience: each child will learn to keep trying by creating the resilience and determination that enables them to overcome any challenges they face

Care for others: each child will put others before themselves as Jesus did so that we can build a strong school and community

Integrity: each child will learn to be honest and open and understand right and wrong