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Y2 Class Forgiveness

Welcome to Forgiveness Class!


Welcome to our class page. Team Forgiveness will keep you up to date with what is happening in your child’s class in this section.


Here you will find details of your child's topics, class trips, Meet the Expert afternoons and class based activities.


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Autumn Term 1


This term we are exploring the topic of Global Issues and learning about the current global concerns about Plastic Pollution, in order to answer our inquiry questions:

What on earth are we doing to our planet?

Do we know enough to turn the tide on plastic pollution?

Are we alone enough to make a difference?

Please look at this term's Topic Web to see just what we are learning and how all of our learning will support us to become better global citizens in order that we can make our planet sustainable for not only our futures, but that of our children's, children' futures. 

Autumn Term 2

This term the children will be looking to answer our inquiry question :

Can a picture paint a thousand words?


The children will be learning all about the Stone Age, and how their cave paintings (Paleolithic art) was not created simply for aesthetic experience.  However, like much of the world's traditional art, stone age sculptures and paintings were probably believed to have been used to tell of experiences and to depict their hopes.  For examples, paintings of animals may have been painted on cave walls to assist hunting efforts.