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Y1 Class Honesty

Welcome to Honesty Class!


Class Teacher: Miss Webb

Teaching Assistant: Miss Hales



Welcome to our class page. Team Honesty will keep you up to date with what is happening in your child’s class in this section.


Here you will find details of your child's topics, class trips, Meet the Expert afternoons and class based activities.


During the first half of the Autumn term the children learnt about The Great Fire of London through their study of Fire and Ice and answered their inquiry questions: 

‘Are changes a good thing?’

 'Do all changes make things better?’

The children then continued to answer these questions when they looked at Ice and weather around the world, including comparing weather in the United Kingdom and weather in the Arctic. 

Spring Term 2020 Topic Web - Inventors and Explorers

This term the children are learning about the lives of significant people in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. They will be learning about such people as :

- The Wright Brothers (inventor)

- Louis Braille

- Christopher Columbus

In Science the children will be learning about animals, including humans. They will think about how to keep healthy and carry out experiments to question their food choices. 

Summer Term 2020 Curriculum Web - Turrets and Tiaras

This term the children will explore how it might have been to live in a castle. Whilst discovering about the features of castles, they also will map floor plans to better understand them. They will consider how castles evolved and why they were built in certain places.

In science children will be comparing and contrasting different habitats of animals and seeing which insects and other animals have chosen to make these habitats their homes.