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Week 7

A guide to Bodium Castle by Ashton

Work received over the weekend:

James and Dylan completed a first aid course, they had some written and practical work to do, and I think this is an amaaaazing idea!! Could you complete a first aid course too? 


Pria has finished her story and it is amaaaazing! She has got problems and resolutions, and a fantastic ending. I am so so proud of how hard she has worked! Well done Pria. laugh


Riley-Kai has been working so hard and improving his maths! :) Well done!


Super castles work Ashton! :) 


Isabelle loved learning about Hever Castle so much, she's designed a poster to show what she learnt! :) 


Madeleine has been visiting Tonbridge Castle and has also made her own boat! When making boats, there's so many discussion opportunities to learn about floating, sinking, absorbent, waterproof etc. :)