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Week 6


Oscar is sooo proud. He has been working hard and has managed to get 17/17 on his Big Maths in 30 seconds. This is such a wonderful achievement! :) Well done for all of your hard work Oscar!


Kaiden has finished the week with topic, Big Maths and phonics. :) His vegetables are also growing brilliantly, super gardening. 


I love Elsie's idea for Anna, so sweet! heart She also sent a lovely video of her making underwater music!


Caitlin has finished her Paul Klee inspired art work and I think it is sooo beautiful! She's also been using her new tea set for some maths learning, measuring out HALVES and making cups EQUAL. Play is such a great way for them to use their knowledge and new vocabulary! laugh


Oscar (B) has made his plan for the treasure, and it shows what a considerate and caring child he is, very proud of you Oscar! (Of course there's a little left for his games... laugh). 


I love Elliot's plan... save the money for when you're older, very sensible... but also spend a bit and treat yourself! :) Haha. 


Another different plan for the gold, I love how all of the children have different ideas! Well done James N. 


Super work Oscar H! 


Isabelle has set up her own library, been growing plants and also had a visit to Tonbridge Castle! 


Kaiden has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers, wohooo! Go Kaiden! He's also been estimating, and working with coins and money.


Great work Riley-Kai!


James A's handwriting has improved so much, lovely joining James!



A lovely diary entry, some phonics and from Elsie!

Elsie has visited, built and labelled Tonbridge Castle, what a lovely idea for our Turrets and Tiaras topic. 



Super English, topic and maths from Elliot. He's used something called a metaphor in his diary entry, amazing!


Ben has been busy, he's just like the inventors we learnt about in school - do you remember any of their names? :) 


You are working so hard Caitlin, keep it up! :) 


Super star Isabelle! :)


Pria has made this colourful cake and written out the ingredients for you - could you give it a try? She's also been practising her number bonds. 


Thank you for your contribution to our collaborative poem James, and I loved the video too!


Oscar decided to write a lovely story for English, full of description. He's also finished his art based on Paul Klee - beautiful!


Ashton has created this beautiful elephant, using squares just like Paul Klee!


Ethan has been using his best handwriting to learn all about castles, as well as making his own castle out of Lego.


A fantastic diary entry and labelled castle from Riley-Kai!


Isabelle has been very creative! :)


Super work Ashton, let's hope for some lovely weather this week! :) 


Super topic and maths work Oscar H!


I love James N's diary entry from Anna! 

From the weekend:

Sophie loved celebrating this weekend! :)

James and Dylan have made their own shop to learn all about money! They've made their rain gauge, been learning lots through their research and completing all of the maths, English and phonics. Super stars!


Pria has been learning all about VE day, writing the next part of her story and completing her part whole models!


Super writing James N!


Riley-Kai has cracked Miss Cane's code - have you? :)