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Week 5

Oscar is all ready for VE day!


Harry has been camping in his own garden, how exciting!!


Adam has been so busy completing all of the topic and English activities, as well as learning about money, Martin Luther King, and space using a virtual headset, very cool!


I love that James A has used his puppets and role play to help plan and write a story! It's brilliant!


Oakley has used super adjectives to describe his castle, well done! :)


Super castle and maths work Isabelle! :)


Madeleine's been on a weather walk. :) What beautiful weather today!


Great work Kaiden, lovely seeing you happy and smiling. :)


Elsie has written and then performed this amazing storm poem, I love it soo much and can't wait to see her performance!


Elliot is so proud of how his maths scores keep improving. I really love his speech bubbles for Anna and Crocodile, he knows the characters so well now! :) 


Lovely maths work Caitlin! Great use of drawing number lines at home. 


Bella has created this super motte and bailey castle, along with some coats of arms with her brother, great work!


Oscar put his own actions to our story, and wrote his speech bubbles digitally, very creative ideas Oscar!


Caitlin has been working soo hard on her handwriting! She's also drawn and labelled this amazing Motte and Bailey castle. 


Sophie has made her own flash cards... they're so beautiful, well done Sophie!


Kaiden has been working soo hard and his Big Maths score just keeps on improving, very proud of you Kaiden!


Wow, I received so much amazing work from Cameron this morning, it was so tricky choosing my favourites to show you. Have a look at what he's been up to! :)


Pria has started her story and use the word 'excitable'! She's also been having fun practising her number bonds on Hit the Button.


Super rain gauge Oscar! 


Great Motte and Bailey castle with descriptions by Ethan!

I recommend that you all read Elsie's story, it is incredible and such a fun story! She has worked so hard, we're very proud of you Elsie!


Erin has had a go at Miss Cane's reading challenge, she's reading to her dog! She's also drawn her own Motte and Bailey castle, great job!


Super RE research Ethan! :) 


A lovely range of activities today, as well as baking and car washing, well done Riley-Kai!


It sounds like Oscar H had a fantastic discussion about challenging gender stereotypes, he's drawn an amazing motte and bailey castle and learnt a new skill - origami! 


Pria's had a lovely day in the bluebells!


Fantastic English from Elsie!

Some from last week:

A brilliant story and some great role-play from Oakley! He sent me some videos of him reading his story aloud, and reading from Bug Club, soo impressed!


Elliot has finished his story, he has worked sooo hard! The tone and structure of his story is very well thought out, I'm very proud, as is his family! :)


A beautiful coat of arms Elsie!


Oscar H has made an underwater cave!! So imaginative, I love it. 


Love James A's work on the Star of David! So thoughtful!