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Week 5 learning

There are lots of VE Day celebrations happening. Well done for remembering this important time in our history. 
Lots of you completed the number bonds maths work. Not so many made your own picture like Isabelle. I think it's a strawberry ice-cream (on it's side), what do you think? Number bonds are really foundations for learning, if you have time, give it a go.heart
Reading is also really key learning in Year 1. If you only have time to do one thing with your child today, let it be reading. Amelia has been super busy reading. Great work. She's also been learning about Motte and Bailey castles, Shabbat and English. yes
Sophia has been super clever with her Maths. Thank you so much mummy for writing it out for Sophia. You are keeping the learning going!
Jayden's Grandma was so proud of his Story last week (as was I), she made him a Superstar Learner certificate. Brilliant. It's really spurred him on, today he's been doing English, Maths, Topic, Science and also learning to type. smiley
As well as her usual Phonics, Maths, English Amy has also been learning about Shabbat and making a weather gauge. 
Jack has been learning under the watchful eye of his monster! It's a good job he's friendly. 
Lily Rose has been really busy. She has made a bug hotel, a water gauge as well as RE, Topic, English, Phonics and Maths.