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Week 4


I love your sea monster Isabelle, and you've written a great description (with your mummy!). Isabelle has also written a smoothie recipe if you want to give it a try, sounds yummy!


Oscar B has worked so hard on his story. He has used description, inverted commas, extended some sentences and even varied his sentence structures, great work!


Kaiden has created a very colourful coat of arms, he's been practising the days of the week and got his best Big Maths score yet! 


Great problem solving Oscar H, and i love the sea monster you've created - he wanted to go with a snake-type sea monster!


Thoughtful ideas from Kaiden and a lovely picture!


Ronnie is having a lovely time crafting and baking, looks delicious!


A wonderful sea monster created by Riley-Kai, and fantastic problem solving in maths, it's great to show your working out!




Wow Adana!! Adana has written not just a story, but a whole book about a quest for gold and it is SO exciting to read! She's been noticing signs of Spring and creating some beautiful art, researching her name for her coat of arms and also been using objects around her house for her maths learning. I am so proud of you Adana! :) 


Pria has finished making her beautiful tiara, and has set up a shop to practise using money!


Elliot is so proud of his story, as am I! His characters are so funny, just like him! Writing on every other line is so helpful if you want to make your writing clearer and easier to edit. :)


James N has finished his story, I love a happy ending! :)


I love that Isabelle has planned her story as a mindmap, a great beginning to your adventure story!


Kaiden has finished his story! I love that he has written up, published, printed and illustrated it like a real author, it makes it so special! :) He's also working hard on improving his Big Maths time!


Another very exciting finished story by Riley-Kai!


Ethan has created a very thoughtful coat of arms. He has also finished his story - I love it! It's so exciting and he's used some great adjectives like 'glorious'! Well done Ethan!



Chef James has made this beautiful Spring tree, started his weather diary and written a beautiful story about Anna and Crocodile. Don't his donuts make you feel hungry?!


Another exciting story about Crocodile and Anna from James N. He has included the adjective 'mysterious', and has been learning about inverted commas at home, very grown up!


Oscar has created his coat of arms and taken inspiration from his family, name and background, I love this idea! I hope there will be some more sunshine to record on his weather chart this week. Great idea to take your maths outside Oscar!


Pria has been building an amazing floating raft as well as enjoying the bluebells and practicing her addition. Great work!


After playing the karate cat maths game, Adam had a go at these challenging addition sums!! He's also created his map, with the help of his artistic mum! :) 


A beautiful treasure map Ethan! :)


Pria has written all about the raft she built, and started her weather chart.


I am so proud of how Oscar H has edited, improved and rewritten his story. He has added in extra detail to make it more interesting for the reader, this is a great skill to practise so well done! He's also made this beautiful shield!

Elsie's English Inspiration:


Not only has Elsie been completing all of the English work set, she has also written her own story about animals and researched and created her own information poster about rodents, which is beautifully presented. Well done Elsie!! 


Today, Oscar wrote such an exciting story based on his map, and has achieved some of the things he's been working on! He made lovely bird feeders and bug hotels, and began recording the weather on his weather diary. 


Adam has been super busy since the Easter holidays, he's been researching, writing, building castles and making art, what a star!


Bella has been busy with her beautiful arts and crafts!


Oakley is loving learning about Judaism on the BBC!


Caitlin has been busy making crowns for our Turrets and Tiaras topic! Beautiful!