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Week 4 learning

Jayden has made a monster called Spencer he made him a home and typed up a story all about him. Typing is a great skill to master. 
Here's Jack's monster... Arrrr!
Olly has made a brilliant cave for his monster. It has Sea Trees in it! A lovely Star of David too. 
Elizabeth's monster and home, which includes a bed and toilet... of course!
Look at Isabelle's super sea creature in a dark cave. Is it glowing in the dark?. She has also made an aquarium filled with lots of fish, a sea horse and shells. I think Isabelle has turned into a mermaid at the bottom of the aquarium!
Amy's story has really blown me away. It's really descriptive writing, see how many adjectives you can count in it. Lovely sentences with capital letters, full stops and she's also had a go with speech marks, commas and apostrophes. heart
Dylan has been doing loads of lovely learning including recording and predicting the weather and finding out all about the Star of David. yes
After Lily Rose made her sea creature she then made an undersea home for it to live in. 
In a parrallel  universe somewhere in Tonbridge, there has amazing cooking, rainbow making and learning about life cycles. heart
Riczi has been inventing and building all sorts of fabulous things. Amazing ideas. enlightened
Here is Isabelle's wonderful story. Isabelle role played her story around here lounge earlier in the week. It's lovely to be able to read the final story. I'm glad the sisters managed to get to the lost gold. A brilliant story. Look, Isabelle has made her creature too. smiley
Look how rightly proud Atticus is with his story. He has done a super job detailing his quest to find the Cursed Crystal!
Wow, what a super story. Olly has made a book and illustrated each page. Its so good. 
Another incredible story this time from Jack. 
A super Suit of Armour Sir Jayden. 
This is Eliza's story. Once she'd written it out, she has also performed it. You should feel proud of yourself Eliza, this is amazing. smiley

Eliza Story.mp4

Still image for this video

I've received some phenomenal stories. I really would recommend double clicking and reading them. The children have wonderful imaginations and have put such a lot of thought and effort into it. 

Here is Jayden's.

And Elizabeth's...
Theo has been really busy with his learning. Look at all the Maths and Time learning. He's drawn a super imaginative map too. smiley
Millie P has been missing you all. Can you give her a wave? She's been doing some super work and has used Cheerios to help her with her Maths. heart
Isabelle has created two beautiful shields, a Peacock and a dog. Can you see what they mean? Isabelle is also well underway with her story. I can't wait to read the ending. 
Sir Jack the Good has also been busy writing his story. He is making it into book. I'm very excited, it includes a flying car! 
Jayden has taken such care with all of his work today. The story is has got me gripped and his shield is thoughtful and so neat. 
If your feeling peckish, look away now. Dylan has created the best looking doughnuts ever. I don't remember putting this on the planning. Maybe this was a reward for his beautiful spring tree or his fabulous story.
Amelia has risen to Mrs Cane's challenge by reading to her guinea pigs! She has also made a shield with all sorts of added extras on it. It looks great fun, I wonder what the rabbit means? heart
The rain didn't get in the way of Lily Rose's learning today. Have a look at the shield she has designed. I really like the meaning she has given to her dog symbol. Lily Rose made 3 Star of Davids because she wants to hang them up. What a good idea. :-)

Amy made the most of the sunshine yesterday afternoon here. Another beautiful picture. It looks like you children are thriving out there. Amy has also been busy with Maths, Phonics and English. Why keep your artwork on paper when you can decorate the whole floor! smiley


Nicholas has had a go at one of Mr Fentons Maths challenges. Well done Nicholas, has anyone else looked at these? He's also been very busy with Maths, Spellings, planting with his sister and making a healthy salad. It's no wonder you all look so well. yes

smiley Stories stories stories!!! smiley

I'm so excited that I will be receiving so many of your wonderful stories this week. I have already seen some wonderful Treasure Maps. It sounds like there is going to be a cave in Elizabeth's story. 

A lovely map and ideas Jayden. I wonder if you can weed my garden when you've finished yours?
Millie C has created her own shield. I think it means it's a protective bear shield with determined blue... what do you think? I like your Star of David. 
Lily-Rose, like many of you, has started recording the weather. She thinks it's going to rain tomorrow. Sadly I think she's correct!
Jack has been so busy, he nearly forgot to mention that he now rides his bike without stabilisers! He has worked really hard on his story, which I'm looking forward to reading in the next couple of days. He's also made a shield, released some butterflies (although has taken such good care of them that one came back) and made a flag. 
Amelia has written her story. Its packed full of imagination. She has also made beautiful bug hotels and a Star of David.