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Week 3


James A has written such imaginative and thorough instructions for how to find gold, and has underlined all of his imperative verbs - super work James!


Such beautiful phonics work from Elsie this week! 


Today, Ethan learnt to climb trees AND tie his shoe laces, so proud of you! :) 


Fantastic maths, phonics and English today Kaiden, well done!


I have been working in school today and guess what?! I received some very exciting post! Madeleine has written us a letter. What a lovely idea. I wonder if anyone could write a reply? :)


Isabelle has been decorating colourful plant pots to plant her sunflowers, she's having a race to grow the tallest sunflower with her cousins, a fab idea!


Elliot decided to write a story including all of this weeks spellings! I am so proud of his grammar, handwriting, punctuation, sense and his imagination - great work! 


Another super plan to find gold from Oscar H! 


Super instructions on how to find gold James N!


Riley-Kai has been carrying on with our real or alien word sheets, and has written such a detailed plan for finding gold - super work!


Ashton has been investigating arrays for multiplication, and has used his Lego to help him. He's written these as number sentences. I love this idea, well done!


I love your plan to find gold Pria! It's so useful to learn about money - could some of you set up a shop in your homes?


Wooooow! Look! Oscar B has made his own map to find gold, and guess what? He managed to find some treasure!

Fantastic work Oscar - has anyone else had a good and making a plan or map to find gold?


Oakley has been getting into our Turrets and Tiaras topic! He has created this super exciting treasure map, and used some amazing adjectives to describe our main characters.


Oscar has made a wonderful medieval chair and shield for his favourite teddy... and can you notice, one of his front teeth has fallen out!? :)


James has sent me some amazing research about Judaism and super Maths, phonics and English. He's also been doing crafts, role play with puppets and made these delicious sausage rolls! :)


Isabelle has had such a lovely idea - her and her Nanny take it in turns to teach each other how to make different crafts and art activities on a video call! I think this is suchhh a lovely idea, maybe you could try! I am also proud of Isabelle's beautiful writing!


I can't believe how hard Elliot has been working on his handwriting, it has improved so much and is SO neat! His maths is so impressive too! :)


Oakley has drawn this beautiful card for us, it made me smile so much <3. He also drew a card for the residents at Barnes Lodge, I am sure it will make them so happy!


Another beautiful Spring blossom picture and some super English adjectives from Pria!


Super phonics and spelling practice James N. 


A beautiful Spring tree by Ashton. 


Ethan has made some fantastic predictions about our new class book and used super adjectives!


I love Kaiden's plan to find gold! 

Monday & Tuesday:

Wow, a fantastic start to term 5, I have already received so many photos of your lovely learning! Keep up the great work! Well done to those of you who are beginning to use Bug Clubs and take the quizzes, it's great to see your reading progress. 


Ethan has made this amazing sword and shield to kick start our Turrets and Tiaras topic - It's amazing!! He has also been working hard on his letter formation.


Isabelle has been having lots of fun outside, and working so hard on her handwriting!


Super writing and maths Ashton, I love that you've been getting out and about in nature!


Elliot's been using his absolute best handwriting to write about our new class book - I'm so proud of him! He's also been challenging himself to some very trick Big Maths, super work!


Super English - amazing extended sentences using 'and' and 'because', and wonderful adjectives! :) 


Isabelle has been working hard on her maths and practising her handwriting, well done!


Kaiden has been soo busy, weighing out ingredients to bake cakes, learning to tell the time, discussing his fantastic English ideas as well as growing his own vegetables and looking after him! I love this idea, could you grow anything at home? 



Madeleine has finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (!!!) and Oakley has built this amazing Lego park that I think we'd all like to visit!


Oscar H has been practising his spellings and doubling! Well done Oscar.


Pria has read some lovely books, practised her phonics and her doubling, and written down some thoughts on the English work.


A beautiful spring tree from Riley-Kai who has been spending lots of time in the sunshine. Super phonics, maths and English!