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Week 3 learning

Eliza, this is certainly the prettiest Maths I've received so far. heartsmiley

Bug Club update...

There are now 12 members of Team Honesty enjoying the Bug Club. Children seem to be really enjoying the reading, quizzes and rewards. Great work. yesblush

So sorry to have missed this living room treasure map last week. You will love the detail in Isabelle's map. 

20200422 Treasure

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We've had our first singing video. Jayden has been singing along to the Out of the Ark songs. So lovely to watch, you can't watch it without smiling. angel


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Eliza has been busy finding signs of spring what beautiful pictures.
Well done for completing the maths Amelia. What a fantastic spring blossom tree too. 

Who found that Maths challenge tricky?

Well done for giving it a go. I'm very impressed with these two. Lily-Rose and Jack have worked practically to find the answers. Such a lot of super learning happening out there.

Sophia and Jayden had a go at the tricky ones on the White Rose website too.  I'll let you into a secret that you might not have realised now... My daughter (Year 6) was directed to the same challenge. (Have a look at Year 6 Maths if you don't believe me). That means you amazing Year 1's have been doing the same Maths as Year 6! Give yourselves a big pat on the back and then have a lay down. smiley

Captain America has been busy helping Joe Wicks. His super powers also helped him making this really beautiful blossom tree picture. Amazing. heart
Just look at this handsome knight (with new smart hair cut). He looks like he is going on a quest with this super treasure map. Good luck brave Sir Olly! heart

Lady Lily-Rose has been busy making beautiful jewelry to go with her crown as well as focussing on those curly caterpillar letters. Did you know she has also already read 10 books on Reading Bugs and completed 42 quizzes! That's some going, mummy tells me that you love Reading Bugs Lily-Rose. smiley

This sword is fit for a brave knight who has been really focussing on that neat writing. I've been so impressed, I think Sir Jayden is on a quest for a pen licence. blush Look at the amazing adjectives in your Role on the Wall - amazing. 
Sir Jack the Good has been a very busy knight. Phonics, puzzles and maths to name a few. 

Alfie has been a super scientist, finding out all about magnets. He's also made a fantastic treasure map. Great job!

Dylan has been using his imagination too, as well as baking these terrific sausage rolls. 

Yum yum!

Sir Jack the Good has been doing lots of learning again. This time he has used the super powers of the Nerf gun to help him!
Elizabeth has been busy doing her home learning. She has found a different way of working without having to print things out. I love all your resourcefulness. 
Lily Rose has been super busy making a lovely Spring poster, a fantastic Role on the Wall English piece, doubling (good use of food), phonics, and role play (with crown). Keep up the great work Lily Rose. heart

I'm learning all about Bug Club with you. Amy has apparently been enjoying getting coins and spending them. I didn't know about this, so I looked and found a rewards section. 

That looks like great fun. Thanks Amy for sharing this. smiley

Each book shows a number in a yellow circle. These are the maximum reward coins in the book. Get coins by reading the book and (for some books) by completing the activities inside. Spend them in the My Rewards section.

Well done Millie C! As a teacher it's lovely to see children doing exactly the sort of thing we do in English lessons in school at home.

She's also done some brilliant doubling and grouping, Big Maths and phonics.

Alfie, why have you been disecting aliens? Where did the alien come from? I'm confused!

In other news, Alfie has also completed the puzzle by himself, been for a walk, made bubbles and looked after some caterpillars that he hopes to set free when they are butterflies. 

Well done Olly for keeping up with all your Phonics, Spellings and English without printing anything out. smiley
Riczi has been a busy builder. These are some of his constructions. Great work Riczi, they must have taken a lot of time and patience. 
Sir Jack the Good has done so much learning. Doubling, phonics, drawing spring trees and lots of thinking about our new story. 
Jayden has been busy doubling with tangerines! Just look at that amazing handwriting. 
Amelia H has been doubling, phonics and her spellings. I also hear you have been listening to Mrs Nicholls collective worship. 
The Black Panther has been using cubes to help with his Maths. Great idea. 
Amy has been finding signs of spring, growing tomatoes and peppers, practising handwriting and learning Maths. 
Lily Rose has been a busy bee, what a lovely blossom tree picture. I agree with you, the crocodile looks very friendly. 

Elizabeth's Easter egg animals!