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Week 2

Thursday & Friday:

Another day full of learning and an interesting Science experiment from Oscar H - sit on a chair and ask someone to put their finger on your forehead, you can't stand up!


Volcanoes, Easter poem and baking cakes - an exciting few days for Adana!


Thank you Adam for joining in on my 'er' phonics challenge. Super research on Jane Goodall and a beautiful poem!


Fantastic junk modelling Ben - I love your vehicle! 


Super work Riley-Kai!


I hope you can get out on your bike over Easter like James! :)


James has had a lovely time weighing, baking and measuring! :) He's also done some fantastic poetry work. 


Thank you Pria for joining in with my phonics challenge and finding lots of er words!


Ronnie has made a beautiful Easter bonnet - I love it. He's also made his own game about real words and nonsense words, how creative. 


James N had a go at my Phonics challenge video - he found a lot more 'er' words than I did! Well done James. smiley


Super phonics and Big Maths practice Frankee - keep it up! :)


Riley-Kai has sent us instructions for how to make his bubbles! He also sent me this beautiful Easter acrostic poem. Well done Riley-Kai. 


Isabelle has set up her own shop and buys her snacks at home, this is a fantastic way for children to learn about money. She has also sewn this amazing frame, beautiful!


Super phonics and English sentences James, your sentences sound like a poem! 


Some more super maths and fantastic sentences from Riley-Kai. He also created his own bubble wand!

Caitlin practicing her cursive writing!

Lovely work Oscar, it's always fun to get paints out and get creative!


Ethan has created these beautiful pop-up cards for all of his grandparents! <3 Super phonics work Ethan, I loved seeing the video of you joining in with today's video lesson, it made me laugh so much!


Kaiden is soo proud of himself - a week ago it took him about 4 minutes to finish his big maths - now he can do it in 1 minute and 24 seconds - a huge improvement!! Has your score improved too? I also love his recipe for happiness - his family must be so pleased. 



Oscar has used some really impressive adjectives in his sentences - can you try to read them? Lovely facts, questions and pictures about Easter, and super phonics and spelling work. 


What a fantastic extended sentence full of adjectives, well done Riley-Kai! It's such a great time to begin learning to tell the time with your children. 


I love your silly sentences Ronnie, so funny!


Kaiden's vegetables are sprouting, how exciting! Super sentences using capital letters, full stops and adjectives, well done.


I love Pria's recipe for happiness - I think my happiness recipe would have lots of the same ingredients - does yours?


Ashton's Lego challenge and beautiful sun catcher. 

Work received over the weekend:

Super one more and one less work Ronnie, and your handwriting is improving so much! Keep up the hard work! :) 

Ashton has made us this beautiful pop-up Easter card - thank you!! He's created a beautiful rainbow, been doing some fantastic English, spellings and Maths work and he's entered his colour to the colour competition I set last week! There are some amazing prizes to be won so make sure you enter!


Adam has created an amazing fact book which he is recording his learning in, first up his research on how your voice changes in space. He had written his own Traction Man comic and been joining in with Joe Wicks. His mum has also talked to him all about his family history and made this timeline with him, showing how old his relatives are, when they were born and what was happening during that time - so interesting!


An amazing raft James - did it float? I LOVE your pop up Easter cards!