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Week 2 learning

Fabulous Friday

Riczi has been engineering an amazing bridge. Great job Riczi. 


Nicholas and Alyssa have been very busy in the kitchen, building with play dough and doing yoga. 
Alfie has been busy cooking and also learning all about capacity.
Dylan has been doubling and building with lego and very importantly, getting out for some much needed exercise. 
Isabelle has been busy with Maths, English, Phonics and also making Easter window decorations. Keep busy Isabelle, I loved your poem. 

Thriving Thursday 

Amelia H has been learning about science. She says that if someone puts a finger on your forehead when you are sitting down and they don't move it, you won't be able to stand up. She's written instructions and drawn a picture below. Have a go what do you think?

Jayden has been busy practising his spellings, letters and numbers as well as writing an Easter poem. He's also learned plenty of new paper games including tic tax toe and boxes.

Nobody has as yet told me that they spotted yesterday's April fool... Did you? 

I've received another Easter poem, this time from Jack who has written you all a fantastic Easter acrostic poem. 

Great work Atticus, who's also made a fantastic Easter acrostic poem. 
Lily Rose has been busy again. She has seemingly boundless energy and can be seen enjoying time with her sister, learning phonics and writing about her favourite Easter smells. 

Wonderful Wednesday 

It really was wonderful in Lily Rose's house. Such a lovely poem, great capacity learning and what a lovely recipe for happiness. heart

Dylan has been doing lots of measuring of both ingredients in his cooking and things all around the house (and outside). 
Jack has been maintaining is Maths and Spelling learning. He's also been following his own learning journey by finding out all about volcanoes and metal ships. yes
Isabelle has drawn a fabulous picture for a local hospital. She's been continuing with English, Maths, Phonics and of course her Reading as well as making slime!

Terrific Tuesday

Lily Rose has made magic potions, I think she has turned her family into monsters, dragons and crocodiles. She has also been doing some lovely writing. Thank you Lily Rose. 

Amelia has been getting very creative cooking cheesecake, making a beautiful star, joining in with Mrs Upton's drawing challenge and making milk bottle monsters. Amelia, has also been listening to Easter really carefully. Well done for using your very neatest hand writing too Amelia. smiley

Warning, don't look at these pictures if you're feeling hungry. Jayden has been having fun in the kitchen and made some delicious looking food. That's a tick for DT, Science, Maths and pure Joy. 

Have a look at the amazing handwriting too. Keep it up Jayden. 

Jack has also been focussed on his neat handwriting. I can see he is sat up at the table with a sharp pencil, correct pencil grip, BBC, and his page slanted slightly. Super listening to Easter Jack. Looks like you've been having fun den building and making window decorations too. 
Atticus has become an engineer. It looks like you've been really busy Atticus, keep up that problem solving. smiley
Rio has been keeping up the home learning. It's really important to keep it real, so well done for having real money there Rio. 

Look who's doing some home learning. Pepper and Peanut Butter!

Marvellous Monday

Jayden has been doing some lovely work. Look at his super happiness potion. smiley


Sophia has been investigating capacity. Well done for using a funnel, I liked your predictions too. What a super fluffy Easter window decoration. smiley
This is Isabelle's super castle. Have you tried any junk modelling?
Look at Lily Rose's amazing English today. I counted four adjectives using your sense of sight. Well done!
Dylan has been busy making a raft, doing puzzles, and lots more work besides. 

Jayden has been busy following Joe Wicks (along with a few others of you). It was LOVELY to hear that some of Team Honesty have been catching up on Zoom. This contact is so important for the children who are struggling this new life without their friends, I hope you make that a regular event.

Thank you all of you listening to my requests for neat hand writing. Well done. wink

Elizabeth, and many more of you have been busy with her Maths. Atticus and his mum have become scientists, goggles and all! I love the look of your potions. Thanks also to mum. :-)
Rio has been another super scientist. Keep up all that great work Rio. Is that Maths I can see too? smiley
Jack has been a busy with Maths, Spellings, Lego inventions and science too. Please keep your fingers crossed that his crystals work. I look forward to hearing Jack. 
Are you keeping up with your Big Maths and Spellings like Lily Rose. She's also make a beautiful Easter Egg for the window. Are you going on Rainbow walks to see if your friends have any learning in their windows?
We thought we'd give drawing with Mrs Upton a go with the 25 Day Drawing Challenge. We are going to dip into it, Ivy has had a go at Day 1, drawing herself and I'm on Day 2. Like Team Patience, a few children in Team Honesty also really like snow leopards (Alfie and Rio). Team Honesty know I need all the help I can with drawing, so I used this A lovely Sunday morning drawing session in the Webb household. Take some time to relax in your house.