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Week 1

A note from Mrs Upton:


My friends and I have decided to have a go at the 25 Day Drawing Challenge. Today is 'Your favourite animal', but I couldn't decide on my favourite... so I decided to draw Ethan's favourite as I know he loves them so much! A snowy leopard! Could you join in with me on some of the days? I'd love to see your drawings! Have a lovely weekend everyone! :) 

Day 5 - Friday!

Some lovely activity ideas from Madeleine - gardening in the sunshine (it's great for wellbeing :)), creating a collage about another country and reading! Also, if you weren't at school for the teeth/egg experiment and would like to try, please feel free to email, it's lots of fun! Well done Maddy! 

An exciting new adventure for Traction Man... I love the new character, Pria Potato! :) 

James N has used his phonics knowledge to write a super sentence, well done.

Really thoughtful ideas from Riley-Kai about the English work today, super joining of your letters!

A lovely pop-up Easter card Oscar! :) 

Day 4:


Wooooow! What an amazing gesture, I am sure all of the NHS workers will be thrilled! What a brilliant idea Caitlin! <3 


I love the rainbow of hearts Adam and his family made! 


Today Riley-Kai investigated shadows and discussed some great ideas in English!

Great research!


Beautiful poem illustrations Kaiden!


Great scales Isabelle!

Sophie enjoyed Collective Worship with Mrs Nichols today!

A super new poem verse by Ethan! We love bears in Team Patience!

Still image for this video

Day 3:

I loved receiving this update from James! Did you get the same answer to the challenge question as he did? I love how he's presented his research. A super idea for the next Traction Man adventure and a beautiful poem, keep up the hard work!


Writing a letter to someone you love is a lovely idea, and could make their day! Who could you write to? Isabelle drew some beautiful rainbows on the ground! If you have chalks you could create some art, or practise your spellings outside on the floor!


Two rafts that float, fantastic work Kaiden!


Accurately weighing out ingredients to bake with is a super skill for maths, great work Isabelle!


Another beautiful addition to The Rhythm of Life poem, well done Adana! 


Well done Oscar for completing Miss Webb's Maths activity from her video, and great junk model astronauts! He found out the answer to our big challenge question, have you?


This weather is the perfect opportunity for doing your writing outside, well done Sophie!


Another brilliant raft and some fun in the sun! Super work Ethan!


A beautiful Easter card Riley-Kai, you've managed to make it 3D, well done!


A super busy start to the week for Oscar! He made a raft that floats, a Lego invention and he looked at onomatopoeias today in English, did you find any of the same words as Oscar?


Lovely to see Madeleine and Matilda working together, beautiful rainbow paintings girls!


Jess and her mum have created a fantastic timetable to give their day some structure! She's made this beautiful rainbow, been reading to her Nanny each day and been completing lots of online learning. It's lovely to read in the sun!



Super maths reasoning from Riley-Kai today!

Still image for this video

Day 2:

A lovely activity to do around the house! Well done Oscar for measuring yourself and objects in your home in standard units (cms)! I wonder if you could all measure how tall you are too?


Amazing work on telling the time Pria, this is a super skill to learn at your age and will really help you!


Another fun day of learning for Isabelle! PE with Joe Wicks, writing a beautiful poem and dancing to the beat with her brother, fantastic phonics and a beautiful rainbow to cheer everyone up! 


A fantastic Traction Man story from Riley-Kai with an imaginative resolution! You show a super understanding of weight in your maths work, well done!


Kaiden has been busy this morning writing his own verses for the poem! He also sent me a video of his recital! Amazing work Kaiden, I love your addition to the poem, and well done for managing to make rhyme!


It's great to see that children are continuing to use part part whole models to support them in their maths! Another fabulous alternative ending to our Traction Man story and a beautiful poem! Well done! 


Amazing Big Maths, phonics and maths work from Frankee today! So proud of you!

Day 1:

Wow, what an amazing day of learning Oscar! Amongst other activities, you ordered blocks by colour and counted them, discussed our school values and managed to build some amazing looking rafts and test whether they floated or sank! Keep up the fantastic learning!


Well done Isabelle for ordering your containers by their capacity, and then testing them outside and recording how much water each one could hold, it looked like great fun!


An amazing start to Kaiden’s Traction Man comic, I can’t wait to find out how Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush will escape the Sharpy Scissor Shark!


A fantastic comic book Ethan, I love your super heroes and their super powers, I wonder what adventures they will get up to?