Bishop Chavasse Primary School

At Bishop Chavasse Primary School we will provide an outstanding education for children from our local community in a caring Christian environment with strong pastoral care, where they will enjoy and engage in education and have the best start in order to move to the next stage of their education and the world of work beyond. Our vision will consist of:

  • A caring Christian environment, with strong pastoral care, where your child will feel valued and safe, and will enjoy coming to school
  • Enjoyable and engaging Christian assemblies and RE teaching, and learning the importance of valuing and helping others
  • An emphasis on excellent mastery of the important basics, especially in phonics, reading, writing and mathematics
  • Fully qualified and high quality specialist teachers in all the core subjects
  • The full Early Years programme and National Curriculum for all children
  • Outstanding individual support to make sure every child “keeps up”; prompt intervention and support will ensure every child makes good progress
  • Opportunities for creativity and the arts, especially through a specialist music programme and music tuition for all
  • A strong emphasis on physical activity and sports, taught by specialist teachers, from the start
  • Excellent, frequent communication between parents and school, and opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s learning
  • Children’s learning will be enhanced by a variety of enrichment activities, linked to real life situations, which will also include input from a variety of specialists and visits out of school