Support and Nurture
Bishop Chavasse Primary School

At the Tenax Schools Trust, we understand that during their school lives, children will come up against challenges at various times. These challenges will be due to a range of issues, for example difficulty understanding a particular task or activity, hesitation about forming relationships with teachers and/or their peers or some other emotional barrier. We will ensure that all of our children will have the best start, the best care and the best examples to follow and model.

In providing the best support and nurture we commit to the following principles:

  • Inclusion and support is every student’s entitlement and every adult’s responsibility
  • We will intervene quickly to understand and provide proactive support for pupils
  • We will ensure we provide the correct support at the right time
  • We will monitor progress carefully, adjusting any support as required

Primary schooling is so important and we recognise that young children need particular attention and care as they progress from Reception, through Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and ultimately leave to attend the secondary school of their choice. Working closely with Bennett Memorial, we understand the demands of secondary education and how important it is for each secondary school to have the information – attainment, attendance and developmental – about pupils transferring at the appropriate time.

We will work closely with secondary schools to ensure that, at this important transition phase, our children will understand what to expect, are well prepared for the changes and will settle in quickly at their secondary school.