Bishop Chavasse Primary School

In Reception Year, Bishop Chavasse Primary School will:

  • Follow a structured curriculum to ensure that our children are provided with an excellent foundation for their learning, including age-appropriate enrichment activities and visits
  • Carry out thorough Baseline Assessment on entry to identify needs and set challenging end of Early Years progress targets which will take into account the three characteristics of effective development: playing and exploring; active learning; creating and thinking critically. The results of these assessments will be shared with parents, but these results are not the only things our children will bring home. They will be encouraged to develop pride in their work and be able to show effort and sustained improvement
  • Make the most of activities, both integrated into the curriculum, and beyond it. Throughout the Early Years these will be embedded through a range of opportunities, including ‘Plan, Do and Review’, creative play, ‘Messy Church’, Forest Schools, role play, visits and enrichment activities
  • Introduce foreign language study from Early Years onwards because our experience has shown us that the younger children start languages the further they progress in them. Initially in the Reception Year this will be through songs and role play
  • Introduce Religious Education as a separate subject throughout the school. It will foster an understanding and rigorous knowledge of the Christian faith, as well as other world religions
  • Ensure music and physical education will be priorities and a key feature of school life. All of our children will be offered opportunities to join music groups and sporting teams with their peers