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New Parents

If you are successful in your application and your child starts at Bishop Chavasse School, it is very important to us that, as early as possible in your child’s education, strong links are forged between home and school.  You are your child's very first teacher and we want to learn from you about your child.


Before your children start school with us, consultations and a home visit will be offered where Reception staff and the Headteacher will meet with you and your child/ children to find out about them so they can start to plan around their interests and strengths.


Due to the importance we place on building these relationships, we run monthly 'Stay and Play' events for Reception pupils who will be joining us at Bishop Chavasse the following September. These events are an opportunity for the children, their families and our Reception staff and Headteacher to meet informally in order to support your child to get to know their future teaching staff. These events are always held on a Saturday morning, in order that all members of your family are able to attend these valuable transition events with your child.


We recognise that as parents you know your child / children better than we will ever know them.  Therefore, we invite parents to decide whether you want your child to start school full time on the first day of the Autumn Term or whether you want them to attend part time for the first two weeks of the term.  All pupils start the school year together and begin developing relationships with their new peers on the first day of the academic school year.


Our pupils thrive in their new environment as a result of the fact that we encourage you to bring your child into the Reception class everyday to discover what they are learning so you can then build conversations around this at home.  This on-going constructive contact and co-operation between parents and teachers throughout your child's time at Bishop Chavasse ensures their progress and success in all aspects of learning.


Parent evenings are held twice a year when you are invited to come into the school to look at your child’s work and discuss their progress with their Class Teacher.  At other times the staff are available to talk to you at the end of the school day or if a longer discussion is needed, at a mutually convenient time, appointments can be made via the school office. 


Additionally we hold 'Meet the Expert' afternoons 3 x a year, when parents are invited into school to celebrate your child's learning with them and discover all of the new knowledge they have mastered over the term.


We hope these arrangements, together with additional opportunities to attend meetings to discuss areas of curriculum, ‘meet the teacher’ at the beginning of each new academic year and ‘Meet the Experts’ afternoons will ensure that you are kept informed and involved in what happens to your child in school and gives us the opportunity to get to know you better. 


A weekly newsletter is produced to give you information about activities that have taken place across the school that week, reminders and news about future events.  These newsletters and other notices are eamailed to parents each week, it is therefore important that the school holds your current e-mail address.


I am proud to lead a school with such a very strong parent community who take active roles within our school and engage in school events.  As a result, our children benefit hugely from our close partnership with you.


We look forward to you joining our happy and successful school and becoming part of our wonderful school community of parents.