Bishop Chavasse Primary School

Bishop Chavasse Primary School has designed a curriculum which is of high quality in a number of key ways.  It will have at its core for Key Stages 1 and 2 the subjects and content set out in the 2014 National Curriculum, and in Reception we will apply the areas of learning and the early learning goals set out in the Statutory Framework for the EYFS. We will use a ‘precision teaching’ approach to address specific, identified misunderstandings or areas for development both for individuals and groups. Importantly, we will include parents and carers at all key points during their child’s time at the school.

Our curriculum will be broad and balanced but will also focus on ensuring that pupils gain depth of mastery of a well-defined curriculum which will form a strong basis for progressing to the next level.  We will also provide significant extension and enrichment activities, extending beyond the National Curriculum (‘National Curriculum Plus’).

Our aim is that all pupils should have the opportunity to play a musical instrument and to be able to participate in musical performance with increasing skill, enjoyment and expression.  We believe that learning to read music and to understand musical theory is of great benefit to the development of thinking skills – it challenges and expands the brain but also brings enormous pleasure and confidence. We will share the resources of the Bennett Music Academy to do this.

Religious Education (RE) will also contribute to building open mindsets and positive attitudes.  We will ensure that our RE curriculum offers good teaching especially about Christianity, effective support through enrichment, opportunities for investigation and enquiry, as well as empathy and reflection.  Our Christian principles of inclusivity and tolerance will underpin the curriculum in all aspects.