Key Stage 2
Bishop Chavasse Primary School

In Key Stage 2, Bishop Chavasse Primary School will:

  • Continue to focus on excellence in the main academic subjects
  • Make the most of activities both integrated into the curriculum, and beyond it, such as role play, drama, public speaking, poetry recital and debating to enable all of our children to become confident in speaking, listening and presenting
  • Continue discrete teaching of phonics and writing in lower Key Stage 2, whilst from Year 3 our children will be further encouraged to read and access texts independently and will be supported by continued teaching of individual and shared reading, and the acquisition of new vocabulary, accurate pronunciation and understanding
  • Introduce Latin from Year 3 as it is an effective vehicle for teaching language structure and grammar, for demonstrating links between languages and because it opens the door to an important area of historical and cultural knowledge
  • Increasingly use subject specialists from Bennett Memorial School to teach children in Years 4, 5 and 6 who will also collaborate with teachers at Bishop Chavasse Primary School to enhance depth of learning
  • Focus on ‘keeping up’ rather than ‘catch up’ programmes for any child needing additional support
  • Provide high quality enrichment activities as well as additional learning opportunities to support and extend our children’s knowledge, skills, application and experience
  • Offer all of our Year 6 children a residential experience at an activity centre, to undertake a range of challenging and enjoyable physical and cultural experiences, in order to further develop qualities which we think are valuable, such as resilience, determination, working with others, working in a team and developing confidence and independence
  • Ensure that our children undertake the statutory tests at the end of Key Stage 2 and that all of our children leaving Year 6 will be “secondary ready”, in the sense that they are fully prepared to make a smooth transition to a secondary school, with a record of achievement to build on over their secondary career
  • Make the most of the close links with the Trust’s lead school and other local Secondary schools. This will enable all of our children to be familiar with a secondary school setting as they prepare for this important transition