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Key Performance Indicators- KPIs

KPIs, the journey to success

What are Key performance Indicators (KPIs)?

At Bishop Chavasse all of our children work to achieve at least the ‘Expected’ standard in all areas of the curriculum.

Achievement is measured against a range of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)  that reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum. Children must demonstrate three times, in their class work, that they understand the KPI before it is recorded as achieved.

Children who achieve all of the KPIs for their age have reached the ‘Expected’ standard and move on to working at ‘Greater Depth’. They do not move up to the KPIs for the next year group as we ensure that your child is working at a mastery level.


With only a few exceptions, children will remain on the KPIs for a younger year group until they have achieved all of the ‘Expected’ statements.  This ensures they have understood all of the necessary skills and knowledge before moving on to more complicated work.