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Covid 19 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Schools reopening to Years R and 1 after June 1st


Classrooms and Groupings

Will my child be taught by their class teacher when they come back?

All of the children have been put into groups with a maximum of 15 children in each group.  Therefore children may not be taught by their usual class teacher.  However, unless staff are absent, all groups will be taught by a Bishop Chavasse member of staff.


My child has a medical condition, will they be taught by their class teacher?

Probably, but this will be dependent on the severity of the medical condition and groups maintaining 15 children maximum within each group.  If your child is not placed in the group with their teacher, the staff member will have all of your child’s medical notes and care plan details and will be fully informed of your child’s needs. 


Will the children be expected to maintain social distancing or can they play with their friends in their group?

The classrooms have been set up in order to facilitate 2m social distancing as per Public Health England guidelines. All children, in all year groups will need to maintain 2m distancing, however given the age of the children many will need reminders to maintain this distance. 


I have found it difficult to stop my child playing with their friend, will they be able to play with their friend if they are in the same group at school?

The classrooms and school site, including the playgrounds have been set up in order to facilitate 2m social distancing as per Public Health England guidelines. All children, in all year groups will need to maintain 2m distancing, including outside, however given the age of the children many will need reminders to maintain this distance. 


My child is looking forward to seeing and playing with their friends, will they be able to?

Children will be placed into groups of a maximum of fifteen and will remain within these groups in order to reduce transmission and to make track and tracing easier. Children therefore may not be in a group with all of their friends and will also not be able to play games or share equipment such as Lego, where the games or activities require the children to be closer than 2m.


Will the groups of children returning be placed in friendship groups or at least ensure they have some friends. As this has been one of the most difficult issues during lockdown.

The class teachers have organised the groups and they have considered friendship groups alongside medical and SEND needs. However, due to the challenges which we know children will experience with maintaining 2m away from their friends, not all children have been placed with best friends if we consider that this will make the temptation too great for the children. Unfortunately as this is the 2nd phase of the loosening of the lockdown, we have had to still ensure that there are very tight routines around preventing the spread of contamination and therefore group sizes have had to be limited and children will not be able to play games which require them to be closer than 2m. However, games such as football, where the ball is not touched by the hand can still be played.


Will there be any new staff on site?

All the time that staff numbers allow this is not the intention.  Obviously if staff become unwell then we would have to then consider this, for example with using supply teachers, otherwise the children could not be taught, as the allocated groupings use every member of my staff.  Obviously if the staff member was showing Covid symptoms anyway, the children from that group would have to self-isolate for 14 days too.


Is it possible to see some photos of the classroom where you have made changes as it is nice to visualise the changes to give us a better understanding.

Photographs of some of the classrooms have been put up on the school website in order to help parents to visualise what the classrooms will look like for your children. 


My Year R child is coming in.  Would there be an option for our Year 2 child to return as I am a Key Worker?

Your Year 2 child would be entitled to key worker provision on the days that you are working at your place of work.  We ask Key Worker employers to confirm that you are a key worked and that you can not work from home.  Your year 2 child would then be allowed to access a key worker place.  However they would be placed in their sibling’s class (providing maximum numbers of 15 permit).  However please be aware that the provision for your Year 2 child would be a ‘childcare provision’ as all my staff are covering teaching in Year R and 1, as set out in the government guidelines.  


Curriculum and Lessons

Will it be return to normal learning pattern? If there are two classes, will the teacher be going between these classes? 

Each class will have its own teacher, but this may not be the child's normal class teacher due to having to create eight groups out of four classes of children.


My child is in Year 2 and I am a Key Worker, can they now come back full time and will they now be taught in a Year 2 classroom and taught the Year 2 National Curriculum?

Provision for Key Worker children provided by schools is provided as ‘child care’ as per the government guidelines.  This provision is available for key worker children, where an employer has confirmed that this provision is required as you are not able to work from home. Key Worker provision is only offered to a Year 2 child on the days when their parents are working in their place of employment.

Key worker children will be placed into one of the eight groups we have established, and so your Year 2 child will be placed in either a Year 1 or Year R class, if this is where there is space, as schools have not currently been instructed that Year 2 (unless they are vulnerable or a child of a child of a key worker family) are currently able to return to school. 


Will it be return to the normal school curriculum?

The children in Years R and 1 will be taught the normal curriculum, however there will be an emphasis on reading, writing, maths and PSHE- wellbeing lessons, in order to enable the teachers to work on the key curriculum areas that the children would have accessed if they had been in school. 

Year 2 Key Worker children will be placed in a year group below Year 2 and will therefore not be receiving the Year 2 curriculum.  They will however be provided with some Year 2 remote learning work to complete during the day. This is due to the fact that schools have been asked to provide childcare for Key Worker children whilst also returning Years R and 1 back to school.  Due to being a small school, with limited staff, all staff have had to be allocated to teach Years 1 and R and therefore Key Worker children will be split amongst these year group classes.


Will the children be able to play outside?

We have timetabled daily proportions outside for all of the children, as this is known to also reduce the risk of contracting the virus through the spread of germs.  However we know that children have a tendency to gravitate towards each other, despite reminders.  Therefore we will do all we can to remind children to stay apart and have  put up signage, provided reminders and we will also discussing reasons for these new school rules.  


Will my child still need to wear school uniform?

Children must wear clean school uniform to school each day, except Tuesday. However the children do not need to wear their blazers to school.  Please also send your child in with a named sun hat. We are asking all parents to ensure that the uniform washed cleaned regularly (ideally daily) in order to keep viruses on clothing to a minimum. 

We are asking for you to send you child to school wearing their PE kit on a Tuesday as all groups will be teaching PE on a Tuesday.  Please note that the kit worn MUST be their school PE kit (their plain house coloured t-shirt and plain navy/ black shorts) and trainers/ plimsolls, and not own clothes.  This will provide parents with an opportunity to ensure that their child’s uniform is washed clean ready for the rest of the week.  


Will my child still need their PE kit in school?

No your child will not need their PE kit in school as we are asking for children not to bring equipment from home to school for this term.  As above, we are asking for you to send you child to school wearing their PE kit on a Tuesday as all groups will be teaching PE on a Wednesday.  Please note that the kit worn MUST be their school PE kit (their plain house coloured t-shirt and plain navy/ black shorts) and trainers/ plimsolls, and not own clothes.  This will provide parents with an opportunity to ensure that their child’s uniform is washed ready for Wednesday. 


Drop off and Collection

Will it be a normal full school day? 08:45 to 15:15? If not, please confirm. 

The school day is going to have a staggered start and finish time.  More details about this will be sent out to parents on Friday 20th May 2020.  


The school is going to be open from Monday – Thursday each week.  On Fridays the school will be closed to all pupils, including key worker children, in order that the school can have a deep clean before the start of the new week.  Staff will work from home on Fridays, where they will plan their lessons and remote learning for the week ahead, as well as contacting families where children have not returned to school. 


The school will be operating a staggered start and finish time in order to reduce congestion at the school gate and to enable social distancing to be maintained, and limit the risk of contamination to pupils, parents and staff. More details about what time your child will need to come to school and be collected, will come out to parents on Friday 22nd of May.


Can my child come in for part of the week?

We are welcoming Year R and 1 children back to school in this phase of return.  And are looking forward to children in these year groups returning for the full school day, each day (except Friday) during the timings detailed in the letter which is being sent out on Friday.

Key Worker children are entitled to come into school on the days where their parent is in work and therefore this may mean that they are not in school all week.


Hygiene, Sun lotion and Medical

Will children be actively encouraged during the day to wash their hands? Ie every hour or so or as appropriate? Hand sanitizer available in each classroom and accessible for all the children? 

Yes at every transition period staff and children will follow the hygiene recommendations and will frequently wash their hands with soap and water and also use antibac.  The children will also be taught how to clean their hands properly as well as taught the reasons why it is important to establish a good hygiene routine.


Will children and staff all wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Children will not wear PPE in school.  We ask parents not to send their child in with PPE as they may try to share this with others. Children between the ages of 4 and 6 years old are also not able to wear or remove this is a manner which enables them to reduce the risk of contamination.

Staff will not be wearing PPE except when completing activities as directed by government guidelines such as fulfilling intimate care duties, administering first aid etc.


What happens if my child, another child, household member or member of staff contract Coronavirus?

If a member of one of the groups or 'bubbles' as referred to by the government are confirmed to have contracted COVID then all within that bubble (group) including all family member, will have to isolate for 14 days as per government guidance. Whilst the person who showed symptoms first would need to isolate for 7 days.


Can I send my child in with Calpol if they are unwell or have a temperature?

Due to the social distancing rules we will not give Calpol or pain relief to a pupil, but will administer any medicine which is prescribed by a doctor and only where this is more than three doses a day, as these three doses can be administered at home, in the morning, upon collection from school and before bedtime.  Where medicine is being given by a member of staff, the staff member will need to wear PPE equipment to prevent any risk of contamination to adult or child.


Can I send in suntan lotion with my child for the staff to put on at lunchtime?

Due to the social distancing rules, staff are unable to put suntan lotion on the children.  Most suntan lotions last for a period of 12 hours and so we ask parents to apply this before your child comes to school.  We also ask all parents to send in sun hats with your child.  No child must bring their own lotion to apply in school.




Will lunch be provided? Or will they have to bring in pack lunches?

Lunch will be provided. The children will eat this lunch in their classrooms with their group. Nourish will be sending out a menu shortly.