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BCS Religious Education

Religious Education

At Bishop Chavasse we follow a scheme of learning called Understanding Christianity to teach religious Education. Elements of the bible are taught through 8 'core concepts' which children revisit during their journey through school.  These concepts are linked to the ‘Big Freeze’ displayed in each classroom showing a pictorial journey of the bible. The Big Frieze is designed to give teachers the opportunity to make pupils aware of the wider context of each concept, unit and text studied in the Understanding Christianity materials.

Core Concepts


The Big Freeze


The teaching of RE contributes to the spiritual and moral development of all learners.  This is done through exploring our capacity to recognise that all human beings are capable of spiritual growth, opportunity to experience and learn about different faiths, develop an understanding to make sense of spiritual experiences and finally by responding to learning and considering how it impacts and shapes the way we live our lives.


The Understanding Christianity framework incorporates Golden threads to support the spiritual and moral development by asking key questions linked to Theology, Philosophy and human and Social Sciences.







































































































































Scheme of Learning Long Term Whole School RE