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BCS Music

Music is central to the creative life of the school, allowing children to develop a love of music through our high quality and engaging curriculum. Throughout the school, children will develop their talent as musicians, which will increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

From Reception through to Year 6, music lessons are designed to nurture and challenge all our children to become accomplished young musicians, sharing their achievements through regular individual and group performances, including an annual Christmas production. Each week, children participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of voice and performance skills. Singing from an established repertoire, children will explore a broad and diverse range of songs and compositions that complement their wider, creative curriculum.


The music curriculum for all year groups is made up of the following musical strands:

  • Understanding and exploring - how is music created, produced and communicated?
  • Performing - using their voices and musical instruments to perform music from different genres, styles and traditions.
  • Composing - individually and in groups, using their musical knowledge to make their own music based on different genres, styles and traditions.
  • Listening and Appraising - music from a range of genres, styles and traditions, including the works of great composers and musicians.


Music in Early Years is taught in line with the Early Learning Goals, with a curriculum based around the relevant objectives and music area with continuous provision opportunities in place. In KS1, the National Curriculum is delivered through songs and games incorporating topic based learning.

In KS2, the National Curriculum is delivered, providing opportunities for composition and a rich exposure to a range of listening from various genres, eras and cultures. Children will learn a variety of instruments, including the Keyboard and Ukelele.