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BCS Geography

If you would like to find out more information about our Geography curriculum, please contact our Geography subject leader Mrs Parks using the following email address:

Geography at Bishop Chavasse


At Bishop Chavasse, Geography is taught each term alongside our other foundation subjects. We have developed a broad and challenging curriculum to enable our pupils to gain a comprehensive understanding of different geographical features around us, and to apply this both locally and further afield. Geography is taught separately from History throughout the year.


Each term the children will study a topic that, wherever possible, compliments the other subjects being taught that term.


Geography Whole School Overview


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Contextual Geographical Knowledge


Our Geography curriculum ensures that pupils are able to develop their knowledge of the location of geographically significant places. The children learn about a range of human and physical features of the United Kingdom and are encouraged to make comparisons to other global locations. In Year 2, pupils learn to name the continents of the world and develop their understanding of countries within the continents, comparing their climate, population and significant geographical features. This is widely consolidated throughout KS2.



Physical and Human Geography


Geography is taught separately from History in order to enable pupils to fully appreciate how our world has changed over time, both due to natural and man-made causes. Pupils are taught to understand the processes that give rise to physical and human geographical features of the world and how these are simultaneously interdependent of one another. Each year, the children build upon their understanding of physical and human processes to consolidate and further develop their understanding of spatial variation across the world.



Geographical Skills


Through field work and in the classroom, pupils are taught to collect, analyse and communicate with a range of data to support their geographical understanding of the world around them. The use of maps, diagrams, globes and photographs in each year groups allows the children to compare data from different global locations to understand the how and why of different geographical processes. In KS2, pupils are often encouraged to present their findings in a range of ways that best demonstrate their understanding.