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BCS Drama Curriculum

Drama is uniquely placed as a subject taught across all areas of the school curriculum. Used as a creative platform to enable, enrich and enliven subjects from Maths to History or PSHE. Children relish opportunities to explore their imagination and capability for play through Drama, this includes in our outside area which boasts two stages for pupil's daily use.


In French, pupils perform short conversations, recite poems and short plays both to the whole school community and our partnered school in France, whilst in History, children may collaborate to act in or film a re-enactment of famous historical events. Drama enables children to immerse themselves and imagine the personal experiences of those living during historically important times.


Each class produces and presents a Class Act of Worship which they present to members of the school community.  Through whole school performance, class assemblies and creative projects, Drama is a creative catalyst that helps bring the curriculum to life.


Recent highlights include a re-enactment of The Great Fire of London by Year 1.

Enhancement to the Drama Curriculum


At Bishop Chavasse CofE School we offer weekly drama lessons after school, as part of our enrichment provision.  These lessons are open to children from Year R upwards.