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BCS Computing

At Bishop Chavasse, children across all year groups have the opportunities to explore a range of computing and technology. We understand the importance of computing and the vital life skills it provides children for the future.


The teaching of the computing curriculum focuses on three core strands: information technology, digital literacy and computer science.

  • Information technology- The use of computers for functional purposes, such as collecting and presenting information, or using search technology.
  • Digital literacy- The safe and responsible use of technology, including recognising and evaluating the use of digital platforms. 
  • Computer science- Allows the children to understand how computers and networks work through testing ideas themselves, solving problems and designing new software.


The knowledge of E-safety and ensuring children feel confident when using the internet is what unpins our computing curriculum. At the beginning of the year and throughout, children have regular teaching about E- safety, reminding the children about how we can be safe online. 


At Bishop Chavasse, we are incredibly fortunate in that we have high quality ICT equipment and that our pupils have access to both laptops and iPads in all year groups.


Also throughout the week, children have the opportunity to continue their computing skills in our extracurricular computing clubs!

Monday- Computing Club for Year 3 and 4 run by Miss Rea. 

Wednesday- Computing Club for Reception, Year 1 and 2 run by Miss Fielder. 

The clubs allow the children to challenge themselves and their skills through different projects that they can focus on each week. Like for example, creating a project on software like Scratch or use their other skills in writing to create a PowerPoint about something they are passionate about. We follow the children's interests and use their skills to make them more confident when using the computers and internet!