About Us
Bishop Chavasse Primary School

We are a brand new school opening in September 2017, with a commitment to ensuring the highest quality education and care for your children. As part of the Tenax Schools Trust, our Christian values and ethos will drive our passion for outstanding teaching and learning. This will enable your children to flourish at school, enjoy their learning, and make excellent progress. We will support them throughout their time at Bishop Chavasse Primary School so that, when they leave our school, they are ready for secondary school, and are ambitious, successful, happy individuals.

We are very pleased to have St Stephen’s Church, Tonbridge as our associated Church. The Rev. Mark Barker and his team will be working closely with the school to nurture and support our Christian ethos.

In its first year of opening from September 2017, the school will operate outside the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme which means that parents with a child starting school in 2017 can apply BOTH for a place at Bishop Chavasse Primary School AND at an existing school of their choice. Parents will still have the same number of choices under the Local Authority scheme, plus an additional choice through the Bishop Chavasse Primary School application – further details on how to apply are included on the admissions page.

Our school will adopt proven and effective approaches to learning, embedding a ‘mastery’ approach from the start and securing the very best outcomes for our children. We will encourage them to try hard in their school work, learn from their mistakes, and relish challenges. We will share and model our core values of giving your best, resilience, care for others and integrity. They will be happy to come to school, look forward to learning and want to succeed.

Our children will leave Year 6 ready for secondary school. They will be fully prepared for a smooth transition with a record of achievement to build on in the next phase of their education.

All of this will require hard work – both in and out of lessons. At Bishop Chavasse Primary School we will work tirelessly to provide our children with the support and encouragement needed in order to achieve and be successful, well-rounded individuals. Our dedicated teaching staff will be expected to strive to improve themselves and their children’s outcomes. They will be provided with the very best professional development and support.

Finally, all our children will follow in the Tenax musical tradition and learn to play a musical instrument and perform or sing. For our children to grow into young people who are giving their best, resilient, caring and full of integrity, we will provide age appropriate opportunities to be actively involved with their school and wider community.